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06.12.2007 General News

Disabled people have rights too

By GBC News

The Deputy Programme Officer of Action on Disability and Development (ADD), Tahiru Bamuah has called on government to establish the National Council on Disability to ensure the effective implementation of the Disability Law.
He has also urged government to give serious consideration to the representation of people with disabilities.
Mr. Bamuah made the call at the celebration of this year's International Day of the Disabled at Jirapa in the Upper West Region.

The Day is celebrated on December 3 globally to draw the attention of governments and people to the plight of the disabled.

Disabled people from Jirapa gathered in front of the Jirapa District Assembly with placards, some of which read; “rights not charity”, “HIV/AIDS have no mercy on PWDs” (People With Disabilities) and “DCE where is the 2% of the District Assembly Common Fund allocated to the disabled”.

Mr. Bamuah said it is regrettable that people with disabilities are often not taken into consideration when buildings are being constructed.

He said they are rather seen as recipients of welfare services instead of as people with equal rights who participate and contribute to society.

He said for development to be conclusive, disabled people must be involved in the decision-making process.
The DCE for Jirapa, Justin Dakorah said the District Assembly has not released the 2% of the Common Fund for the disabled because there are many disabled associations.

He advised disabled people to come together to enable them access the fund for their projects.

Mr. Dakorah said it is not the intension of the Assembly to discriminate against any group and blamed the disabled for not taking advantage of the National Youth and Employment Programme to better their lives.