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04.12.2007 General News

No Ghanaian Left Behind

By National Democratic Congress - Virginia Branch
No Ghanaian Left Behind

The Virginia Chapter of the National Democratic Congress held a strategic meeting last Sunday as part of preparations toward election 2008. Despite the heavy downpour of rain, attendance was overwhelming. In attendance were some NDC National Executives from Accra, former NDC Ministers of State and Members of Parliament and the Executives and Members of the Washington DC Metro area of the NDC. Also present were former NDC Castle insiders. Notably among the guests were Hon Ama Benyiwa-Doe, the National Women's Organizer and Hon Kofi Totobi Quakyi, former Communications Minister and National Security Adviser.

Hon Ama Benyiwa Doe took time to brief the gathering about developments in Ghana. She said policy and organizational structures are in the works to rescue our Beloved Country from the “property owing ideologists”. She assured members that the NDC is growing stronger and stronger everyday and ready to take over the mantle come Jan 2009 to clean up the mess created by President Kufuor and his corrupt administration.

She emphasized that the “property owing” democratic principles of the NPP is not only a total failure but a disaster in that it has only succeeded in widening further, the gap between the rich and the poor. She reiterated that NDC will include all Ghanaians in the sharing of the national wealth by way of effective social programs. “The suffering of Ghanaians is not my saying but the NPP youths, executives and foot soldiers are shouting it everyday”, she reminded. She recalled that when Europe was failing it is the social democrats that came to the rescue to make Europe what it is today and NDC has the full support of these social democrats to help stir Ghana to a middle income country.

“Life is becoming more and more difficult for an average Ghanaian while others are enriching themselves and their families and Ghanaians are fed up with this practice”, she said. “The tide has turn in favour of Professor Mills and the NDC to cruise to power in 2008”, but was quick to add that members should not be complacent and must work harder than ever, since the (NPP) would do whatever it takes to retain power in the coming elections. She assured the members that the mistakes of 2004 shall not be repeated and the NDC party has put measures in place to guard all ballot boxes come Dec 2008. In an answer to a question she said the results of the 2004 elections have not been ratified because the figures do not reflect what is in the ballot boxes.
On ROPAL, she reiterated the party's position that as good as ROPAL is for the country; there is still a lot of work to be done on the grounds before it can be implemented successfully. She said in the absence of all the work required ROPAL cannot be introduced in the next election.

On his part, Hon Kofi Totobi Quakyi assured members that (former NDC Ministers of State) are working assiduously to project NDC back to power. He encouraged members to actively get involve in the on-going work in their various constituencies to help aspiring parliamentarians secure victory in the coming elections. He urged those who can travel home to work as polling agents during the December election to do so to safeguard ballot boxes. “It is very important to safeguard the power of the electorate by making sure that every vote counts. We must not disappoint the good people of Ghana as we did in Dec 2004”, he emphasized. He assured the mammoth crowd, which cut across all sections of the Ghanaian population, that NDC's agenda into the 2008 election is “One Ghana, One People, with One Destiny”. He said Ghana is too polarized under the current administration and it is NDC's policy of “No Ghanaian left behind” that can unite the nation under one umbrella. Ghana belongs to all Ghanaians and not just a section, he stated.

In his welcome address, the Chairman of the Chapter Mr. Francis Djamson thanked the dignitaries for coming and pledged the unflinching support of VA Chapter. “We know that the battle would not be an easy one and I and my chapter have girded our loins going into this fight without looking back”, he said. “We shall not relent until victory is ours”, he assured. He promised working hand in hand with other chapters in North America, most especially the Washington DC metro area Chapter to achieve the tenets and principles of the party. He entreated all members and sympathizers of the NDC to come aboard and be part of this HISTORICAL event that will make Prof Evans Atta Mills the next President of Ghana. “We must all sacrifice everything we can, our time, expertise and money to wrestle power from the NPP come Dec 2008”, he stated.

The MC for the day Mr. Ben Mensah who is also the newly elected Chairman of Washington DC Metro Area Chapter of the NDC urged Ghanaians not to be perturbed by the “moneycracy” of the NPP. He said the money NPP aspirants are spreading around belongs to all Ghanaians and that they should take the money and vote wisely and massively for Professor Atta Mills and the NDC. He said Ghanaians deserve to have money all year round, not only in an election year. At the end of it the entire atmosphere was one with overwhelming excitement and avowed spirits, with members gingered up for the battle ahead.

Desire Ankah
[email protected]