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28.11.2007 General News

Children Make Merry At Junior Graphic Fun Fair

Hundreds of children who converged at the Aviation Social Centre last Saturday for the Junior Graphic fun fair, which marks the 7th anniversary of the re-introduction of the paper had loads of fun.

Some schools organised buses for their pupils, while other children came there individually. Not even the scorching sun could deter the children from what they loved doing best — having fun all day.

The St Joseph Preparatory School, Teshie Nungua Estate, set the tone for a wonderful performance by the cultural troupe of the school for the official opening of the programme.

Interestingly, unlike the previous fun fairs which were characterised with lots of speeches by officials, such speeches were virtually absent this year, and that gave the children a lot more time to have fun.

The children, especially the small ones, had a variety of games to engage themselves in, aside the official games that were competed in by some schools.

There were video games and a drawing competition organised by DSTV, which attracted a number of children.
And as the children had fun, Beverage Investment Ltd., producers of Pepsi Cola, was on hand to cool their thirst free of charge.

But it was the dancing competition and musical chairs that came out as the crowd pullers, especially the dancing competition, as the method of elimination was determined by how loud a 'yes' or 'no' was yelled to determine the fate of the contestants.

So, contestants, who were from schools that had a lot of its pupils and students at the fair had undue advantage over their mates as they grouped at vantage areas to shout 'yes' for their school mates.

The fun officially ended at 5p.m., even though some children remained at the ground and officials from the paper had to ensure that they had all left the venue before it became dark.

Story by Severious Kale Dery