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CJA: Say no to phone airtime tax

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CJA: Say no to phone airtime tax
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The Committee for Joint Action on Monday issued a statement urging Ghanaians to resist the imposition of the mobile phone talk time tax. Read full statement, signed by Bernard Mornah.

Once again the insensitive NPP government has done it again! They have carried out their avowed policy of making life unbearable for the ordinary Ghanaian to absurd limits.

In the recent 'Yewuo' Budget read on behalf of President J.A. Kuffour in Parliament by the Finance Minister, the NPP government boldly states their intention to distance mobile telecommunication farther and farther away from the ordinary Ghanaian. They have introduced what they call Excise Tax on Phone Airtime.

• The sick heavily rely on mobile telecommunication to reach their caregivers.

• The poor enormously utilize the 'space to space' system and the likes to access their benefactors.

• The taxi drivers, hairdressers, artisans, barbers and plumbers have developed innovative ways of augmenting their trade through the use of the mobile telecommunication system.

• Trading and sophisticated business transactions rests on mobile phone system.

• The security of the ordinary Ghanaian particularly in these times of armed robbery and unexplained deaths through gun shots can be improved through accessible and affordable telecommunication systems.

The importance of mobile telecommunication cannot be underestimated.

Naturally, a responsible government appropriately on top of the challenges confronting the governed should be responding responsibly and timeously not only to resolve the unacceptable call drop rates that has saturated the telecommunication system but also to improve telecommunication access to under-served and un-served areas.

The CJA is obviously not surprised! We are not, because we know we are dealing with an uncaring government that only seeks its interest.

The CJA is not surprised but shall continue to supply the needed leadership to help expose the insensitive policies of the NPP administration. In this regard we call on all Ghanaians to massively resist the implementation of the so called Excise Tax on Phone Airtime.

The government of the day is toying with the patience of Ghanaians. At a time when utility tariffs have escalated averagely by 35%, at a time when fuel prices keep hiking by every stroke of their pen they care less even for what we say and hear. We must resist the propulsion of our country Ghana on a slippery slope lest they begin to tax us for the air we breathe.

Resisting we shall, come Tuesday, December 11, 2007!

We have adequately informed the police about the 'YEWUO DEMONSTRATION', all outstanding issues have been cleared. As the 1992 Constitution and the Public Order Act dictates, the Police has assured us of their cooperation. We dare say nothing shall make the CJA turn back on this forward march. Indeed turning back means turning back on Ghanaians and all that a prosperous Ghana with a visionary leadership holds for us in future. See you come December 11, 2007.

Issued in Accra on 26th November, 2007.

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