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17.11.2007 Togo

Ghana, Togo Pledge To Deepen Bilateral Co-operation


Ghana and Togo yesterday pledged to deepen bilateral co-operation and to stand by each other in times of difficulties and challenges. This followed talks between President John Agyekum Kufuor and his Togolese counterpart, President Faure Gnassingbe at the Castle, Osu. The Togolese leader was in Ghana for a day's official visit.

President Kufuor described the two West African countries, which have a common border dividing tribes from the coast to the north, as 'virtual twins.' Their peoples have related and interacted since time immemorial.

He said it was on account of this that Ghana did everything to support and stand by the Government and people of Togo in its journey towards constitutional democracy.

President Kufuor congratulated his counterpart on the electoral victory of his political party in the recent Togolese parliamentary election and said, 'You are destined to be a good and great political leader of your country'.

President Kufuor thanked President Gnassingbe for a message of sympathy and solidarity conveyed to him by President Gnassingbe on behalf of the Government and people of Togo after last Wednesday's car crash involving his convoy. 'How I escaped the danger could only be assigned to God,' he added.

The Togolese leader had spoken of how worried and deeply touched the people in his country were on hearing of the accident and said they were happy and thankful to God that he came out well.

President Gnassingbe also expressed appreciation to Ghana for accompanying Togo through its heady political days in 2005 and the subsequent travel on the path to constitutional democracy.

He said the support Togo received from Ghana and other nations helped them to go through credible democratic elections, which won international admiration.

The successful conduct of the recent parliamentary poll was not due only to the role they themselves played but the support and solidarity of neighbouring countries and the international community.

President Gnassingbe said the poll was a step forward in efforts at promoting genuine national reconciliation adding that they would continue to be inspired by Ghana's leadership for development. The two leaders later held discussions behind closed doors.