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14.11.2007 General News

Preach Prosperity - Rev. Koney

By Daily Guide

REV. EMMANUEL Koney of Pentecost Revival Church International, Holland, has indicated that any person who speaks against pastors who preach about prosperity is an anti-Christ.

He noted that it was very important for men of God to preach prosperity so the lives of their members would be transformed.

The reverend minister was preaching as the guest speaker at the 6th anniversary celebration of Paradise Way Chapel under the theme, “Celebrating Total Victory for Total Performance”.

He said although preaching salvation was good as it brings the people to their creator, it was also necessary that those who received salvation see changes in their lives physically, socially, financially and economically.

However, he noted that nobody could be successful without having a covenant with God, indicating that all the great people in the Bible had covenants with the Lord before they succeeded.

He revealed to the congregation that he personally experienced God's blessing after a man of God had spoken good things into his life and explained to him the benefits of giving.

Rev. Koney went on that whether one believed it or not, the more one gave to assist the work of God, the more one would receive abundantly from the Lord, stressing, “there is more blessing in giving than in receiving”.

Encouraging the congregation in the faith, Rev. Koney said they should not put their trust in man since man would fail them, advising them to look up to the Lord at all times.

“When you need man in times of sorrows, he would not be there, just as Peter did to the Lord Jesus, thus if you seek human glory, you will fail. It is only God who can give you glory and comfort,” he emphasised.

Distinguishing between the old covenant and the new covenant, the reverend minister explained that the old was about the circumcision of man while the new was about the circumcision of the heart, and that when one gave his heart to God, everything that belongs to him shall come to pass.

Reverend Sunshine A. Adams, the head pastor of Paradise Way Chapel, talking about the achievements of the church in the past six years, stated that the church used to worship under a mango tree but currently has a magnificent auditorium of worship.

He noted further that through outreach programmes and evangelism, the church could boast of over 1,000 converted members, and disclosed that the church had started the construction of a primary and a JSS school complex and is hopeful that it would continue to the University level.

By Mary Anane