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13.11.2007 Politics

‘Kufuor’s Success Is Aliu’s Success’

By Daily Guide
‘Kufuor’s Success Is Aliu’s Success’

IN THE year 2000, then candidate J.A. Kufuor and Alhaji Aliu Mahama were voted into the highest office of the Presidency.
After careful and critical assessment of the qualities and competence of Vice President Aliu Mahama, President Kufuor decided to run with him again in 2004, and they won.

The NPP government, under the leadership of the two gentlemen has achieved a lot. It is only an act of dishonesty when the impression is created that the huge success of the NPP government was masterminded by President Kufuor alone without the impact of the Vice President.

It is also undeniably true that the candidature of Aliu Mahama as the running mate contributed a lot to the 2000/2004 election victories of the NPP.

The most common thing that one would hear from the NPP aspirants, executives and supporters is that President Kufuor has done massively well.

I have closely monitored all the other aspirants; what every single one of them at any given opportunity says is that he wants to build on the excellent performance of President Kufuor.

I can perhaps forgive them (aspirants) if they fail to associate the Vice President's name with the good works of the NPP government since Aliu Mahama is a competitor in the NPP flagbearership race.

Having said that, political maturity requires that they give credit to the Vice President as far as the success story of NPP, on which they want to ride to win the 2008 election, is concerned.

Even though the Vice President has not been seen constantly making claims to the enormous success stories of NPP as the 2nd most important person in government and a huge contributor, it is an incontestable fact that the Vice President has been an integral part of the successes chalked so far.

Those people should bear in mind that President Kufuor does not run the presidency alone; he shares the presidency with the Vice President, Alhaji Aliu Mahama.

If care is not taken, it would amount to a situation of a society that does not reward or appreciate the impact and efforts of its leaders.

I believe even President Kufuor including all the other aspirants would admit in their closets that the Vice President by his position and contributions to the success of the President Kufuor-led NPP government is the right person to occupy the highest office of the land.

In other parts of the world people are politically matured to give credit to their competitors where it is due.

Had the President Kufuor–Aliu Mahama administration failed, these same people who are failing to credit the Vice President publicly with the seven years success story of NPP would be the same people to “crucify” him and declare him not fit to run for president.

All the other aspirants want to build on the solid socio–economic and political foundation laid by the President Kufuor–Aliu Mahama government.

However, political analysts would tell you that it would be a political suicide if Aliu Mahama who has run the presidency successfully together with his boss, President Kufuor and had as well acted as a President before is by-passed to pick another aspirant whose best capabilities stretches as far as a Minister of State to experiment with such an established presidency by President Kufuor and Aliu Mahama.

By Edward Kwamina Johnson