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07.11.2007 Health

Boys, Protect Your Virginity

When we talk about virgins we normally attribute it to girls because some wrongly think it is only girls who can be virgins or can break their virginity.

But this is not always the case. Boys can also be virgins when they have not had sex. Every boy and girl is born a virgin and it is only lost through sex.

However, unlike girls whose virginity is determined by the presence of a hymen, a boy has nothing to show but can decide not to engage in sex before marriage and this is a good protection against HIV and other Sexually Transimitted Infections (STIs).

Most boys think that it is not important for them to be virgins as it is for girls but it is really important for both sexes to be virgins when they are young.

This is because when they engage in sex they open themselves up to sexually transmitted diseases and also HIV which could be disastrous.

Many a time, students ridicule boys who are virgins. There are many myths about virginity in boys. When a boy has too many pimples on his face or grows fat many people wrongly believe that it is a sign that he has accumulated too many sperms in his body.

This is a fallacy. So if such boys have never had sex, their friends tease them into starting it. In fact you can choose to stay a virgin all your life without any bad effects.

Some young people also think that a wet dream is a sign that a boy should engage in sex since his body has stored too many sperms.

This is false. The real reason for wet dreams is that it is a way your body makes room for new sperms from the testicles but that does not mean you should have sex.

And it is wrong to tease or laugh at someone because they have wet dreams. Wet dreams are completely normal. While girls who have engaged in sex feel shy to talk about it boys, on the other hand, boast about it.

If you are a boy who is being taken care of by your parents or guardian and you have already started having sex, do think again.

You should feel bad about your actions and determine to do the right thing from today so as to carve a bright future for yourself.

Starting sex now is bad for you. Be aware that you cannot handle the problems that you could face with such behaviour.

Have you ever thought of what will happen if you get a girl pregnant?

What about contracting gonorrhea, syphillis and HIV/AIDS.
You might lose your life once you start having sex now because you are bound to change partners from time to time.

So if you already have lost your virginity decide now to stop having sex. You can do it. It is your life so take control of it from today.

And if you haven't lost your virginity yet, that's very good news. Stay focussed and do not allow anyone to put pressure on you into having sex. Deciding not to start having sex is the best way to stay safe and healthy.

Story by Hannan Amoah