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01.11.2007 General News

RTC urges restraint while it works out new fares


The Ghana Road Transport Co-ordinating Council (GRTCC) has appealed to transport operators to exercise restraint and maintain the existing fares while it works out fares commensurate to their operations.

In a statement signed by Mr Matthew Hayford, acting General Secretary and Mr Alando Sidik, member, the Council held that following recent increases in the price of crude oil and with the impeding presentation of the national budget, a proper review of fares should be done.

The GRTCC held a consultative meeting on October 30, 2007 to deliberate on a report prepared by the road transport fare fixing/review committee.

The statement said while this meeting was ongoing, there was a news report that the price of crude had hit 92 dollars per barrel, "which in fact, threw out of gear our intended upward adjustments before the announcement".