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30.10.2007 Feature Article

They Should Spare Us The Amendment Nonsense!

They Should Spare Us The Amendment Nonsense!
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After the Daily Graphic and its collaborators, the NPP and IEA, got exposed for attempting to stampede Ghanaians into accepting that the law on willfully causing financial loss to the state ought to be repealed, uncle JB has been hearing lots of the people beating a retreat and telling us that the intention was to amend the law and not to repeal it. Absolute rubbish!!!

Why, do they think we wash our faces upwards?

Those who get high on wee, cocaine and heroin can afford to wash their faces upwards but those of us who don't spend our lives hooked on to narcotics wash our faces the proper way and so we cannot be fooled in any way.

What kind of amendment are they talking about?

Last week Friday, Nana Ohene Ntow was exposed when he could not answer questions as to the actual parts of the law that ought to be amended.

Yes, Ohene Ntow appended his signature to a document that supposedly wants the law to be amended but he does not know what aspects of the law that he wants amended.

Can you believe that?

So what was Ohene Ntow thinking about when he signed the document?

Or in typical NPP style, and just like Osarfo Marfo did when he signed that German Agreement, Ohene Ntow did not read the document before signing it?

I keep saying that if Ohene Ntow and co are stupid, they should not think that the rest of us are stupid.

Ohene Ntow and co can afford to display their gross stupidity but they should not foist their stupid acts on us.

Assuming that it is true that it is an amendment that Ohene Ntow and co are seeking, is it not possible to amend a law and render it totally ineffective and thereby repeal that law in another way?

Yes, a law can be amended to the extent that it would lose all its teeth and cannot bite.

Are you getting the picture?

It just tells you that the whole amendment argument is nothing but a smokescreen to actually repeal the law.

And what is this I heard Kwesi Prat say to the effect that he has sighted the full document that was signed by the 4 GS's and that apart from the issue of the law on willfully causing financial loss to the state, the General Secretaries also agreed on hefty packages that should be given to politicians that have been voted out of power?

Kwesi mentioned the issue of giving departing ministers diplomatic passports, houses and vehicles.

Yesu Kristo!!! So is that what Asiedu Nketia and co sat at that IEA programme and did?

So are the General Secretaries telling us that after Ghanaians sack a failed and thieving government, the same Ghanaians must provide ministers of the failed government with diplomatic passports, houses and vehicles?

So if failed governments would get all these perks, what would be the incentive for ministers to work hard?

Yes, if I would steal the wealth of the nation and fail as minister of state and still leave with a diplomatic passport and other perks, why would I not behave like Richard Anane and be roaming the world having raw sex with state money?

Look, if there are people in the NDC who are thinking that an Atta Mills led government would allow government officials to misbehave the way the NPP officials a misbehaving and get away with it, then those persons better defect from the NDC to the NPP.

Yes, if NDC officials are going to be sitting down with NPP officials to be appending their signatures to such outrageous documents, then those people better rethink because an Atta Mills government is not going to entertain anybody who would misuse his position to betray the mandate of the people.

By the way, what do former ministers need diplomatic passports for?

So they can run away easily when they are being looked for to answer for their misdeeds?

I am really disappointed in the General Secretaries of the NDC, CPP and PNC for appending their signatures to that useless NPP document.

The NPP has finished stealing and looting and are looking for a way to save their loot and the General Secretaries of the NDC, CPP and PNC are supporting them in that venture? Jesus Christ!

Why is it that Asiedu Nketia, Nii Noi Dorwuona, and Gabriel Pwamang are making uncle JB believe that they also believe that politics is about amassing wealth for oneself?

After what Ataa Ayi K4 and his gang of marauding thieves have done to Ghanaians, another bunch of politicians are dreaming of getting power to let the people down again? Ei!!!

Well, thanks to the resilience of Ghanaians, that document that was signed by the 4 General Secretaries would not see the light of day.

Yes, that document would remain on the shelves of the IEA and would NEVER get the blessings of Ghanaians.

There are lots of things happening and the IEA is not commenting yet it wants to create a safe corridor for thieving politicians to run away with their loot. Nonsense!!!

Let some group of politicians and their sponsors dare toy with the feelings of Ghanaians and they would see the way Ghanaians would deal with them.

We don't want any amendment to any law; let the law stay as it is.

After all if you don't willfully cause financial loss to the state how would the law come after you?

So le it be there so that those who willfully cause financial loss to the state would be made to spend time behind bars as a way of deterring others from also causing financial loss to the state.

And for those who say that the “willful” aspect of the law is too broad and subject to all sorts of interpretation, let them know that judges have the right to determine whether a case has merit or is frivolous before allowing trail proceedings to start and so it is not possible that just anybody can get up and charge people with willfully causing financial loss and have the case tried.

Of course, when you have a government like the NPP in place, anything is possible but under a Mills led government, the law would not be arbitrarily used to persecute political opponents and so those who have done no wrong have nothing to fear.

As for the likes of Osarfo Marfo, Hackman Owusu Agyeman, Kwamena “Ananias” Bartels, Jake Obetsebi Lamptey, J.H. Mensah and co who have true acts of theirs deliberately and willfully caused huge financial loss to the state, they certainly would have questions to answer.

The law is a GOOD law and it must stay.

The Narcotics Peddlers Have Set Another Record

As the days roll by and the narcotics peddlers party keep setting very disgraceful records, another disgraceful record has been set.

I am sure that you people remember that the British government, because of the rate at which narcotics reach the U.K via Ghana, decided to help Ataa Ayi K4's government fight the drug menace.

In the process, the two governments decided to collaborate on what was codenamed “Operation Westbridge” to deal drastically with the drugs menace.

Under that joint operation, the British government gave Ataa Ayi K4's government a well-trained sniffer dog, to help the airport authorities track down any narcotics that would be trafficked through the airport.

After the Brits were sure that they had trained their Ghanaian counterparts enough to get the dog to do what it ought to do, the Brits left thinking that they had done a good work in helping their Ghanaian counterparts.

But lo and behold, the Brits were wrong.

A few days after the Brits left for home, their Ghanaian counterparts but the dog on a plane and sent it back to the U.K with the lame excuse that the dog eats too much and that its maintenance cost was too high.

Yes my people, Ataa Ayi K4's narcotics peddlers party government sent the dog back to the U.K claiming that the dog eats too much and that the state cannot find the money to feed it.

My people, can you tell me how much food that one dog can eat such that a whole government cannot find the money to feed it?

If Allan Cash can raise 13 billion cedis in 5 hours and Kwamena “Ananias the serial liar” Bartels can “coach” his daughter and son-in-law on how to fleece the nation of billions of cedis, can't Ataa Ayi K4 find money to feed one sniffer dog?

Do you people believe that it is true that the dog eats too much and that money can't be found to feed it?

I am sure even the NPP's pea brained serial callers would not believe such a tale.

The truth of the matter is that, the dog was beginning to expose lots of the narcotics deals at the airport and so the narcotics peddlers party had to find an excuse to send it away.

If it was possible to bribe the dog, the narcotics peddlers would not have been worried because they would have easily found the money to sort that out.

But because the dog cannot be bribed, and because of the catches that it was making, the people could not stand the way the dog was destroying their narcotics trafficking business and so they put it on a plane and sent it back to where it came from with that untenable excuse.

Did you hear an official of the British High Commission on one of the networks the other day sounding very angry over this matter?

Well, if you did not hear him, then uncle JB is telling you that the British Government is very unhappy about what happened.

Peddling of narcotics is an integral part of the positive change agenda of Ataa Ayi K4 and his gang of thieves and so they are not prepared to countenance any move to stop them from doing their narcotics business.

People of Ghana, do you now understand why an MP belonging to the narcotics peddlers party is currently languishing in a New York prison for importing $6 million worth of heroin into the United States?

Can you imagine what that disgraceful MP would have been doing with his dirty money if he had succeeded?

I would not be surprised if he would have been the 23rd elephant disturbing our ears claiming that he wants to become president of Kwame Nkrumah's Ghana or he would have been doing the bidding of the master narcotics dealer, Ataa Ayi K4, and be supporting Allan Cash with the dirty heroin money.

When the international community tags Ghana as the number one transit zone for drugs in the world, they are not talking in a vacuum because if a government can return one sniffer dog to where it came from with the excuse that the dog eats too much, it tells you the extent to which that government would go to make sure that it supports the narcotics trade.

And now that Afghan drug dealers are also coming to Ghana to make this place their home, only God knows the level to which the drug menace would get to before Ataa Ayi K4 and his narcotics peddlers party are booted out of power come December next year.

Ataa Ayi K4 and his narcotics peddlers party have set another record but it is not a record that any right-thinking Ghanaian can be proud of.

President Atta Mills would certainly have a lot of work to do after he is sworn-in on January 07, 2009, but “Inshalah”, the man of principle that he is, the good professor would surely take Ghana to the heights that she deserves.

Joe Ghartey; A Kwamena “Ananias” Bartels In The Making!

Lying, lying and lying; that is what Ataa Ayi K4 and his clueless and thieving elephants are very good at.

If it comes to telling lies without blinking an eye, you can trust Ataa Ayi K4 and his marauding brigands to be the best at that game.

Did you watch Joe Ghartey jump aboard the lying train last week when he appeared before the Public Accounts Committee?

“Mini e wor ame maleior nakan”? Why is that Ataa Ayi K4 and his brigands take delight in lying so much?

Unfortunately for Joe Ghartey and co, they don't tell intelligent lies.

They are so daft that they don't think before lying.

Look at the way Joe Ghartey lied before the Committee?

If the BNI had not come out to challenge Joe Ghartey, that would have been it; Joe Ghartey would have gotten away with his lies and that would have stood as the truth.

Joe Ghartey is the one who is supposed to be the chief custodian of truth by virtue of the high office he occupies and he rather is in the forefront of the lying business.

This Joe Ghartey character, who is trying to catch up with Kwamena “Ananias the serial liar” Bartels in the business of serial lying, according to credible information reaching uncle JB, was allegedly responsible for the departure of Ayikoi Otoo as the Attorney General and Minister for Justice.

I am sure you remember that this Joe Ghartey character was the deputy to Ayikoi Otoo.

Well, this Joe Ghartey character is alleged to have undermined Ayikoi Otoo so much and made sure that a very bad picture was painted to Ataa Ayi K4.

Of course, Ayikoi Otoo would not have anything to do with the lying ways of the likes of Joe Ghartey and Kwamena “Ananias the serial liar” Bartels and so Ataa Ayi K4 shunted Ayikoi Otoo out of the ministry and appointed the lying Joe Ghartey as the substantive boss of the ministry.

And because the gods would not allow Joe Ghartey to get away with his lying ways, Joe Ghartey has been exposed for the liar that he is.

The records have it that Joe Ghartey was privy to the case in question and actually tried to get the BNI to look at the case from a different direction but the BNI refused.

When the BNI alerted the AG's office about the matter, Joe Ghartey sighted the document and so was very much aware that such a docket existed.

So when Joe Ghartey appeared before Sallas Mensah's PAC and said that his office had no knowledge of that docket, Joe Ghartey lied under oath.

And when a person lies under oath, the person is said to have perjured himself/herself.

And under the law, perjury is a jailable offence.

Are you people following uncle JB's analysis?

The chief legal person in the land is now in the forefront of lying under oath. Part of the positive change chapter 2 huh?

Realising that the BNI had exposed him for the liar that he is, as well as the fact that the PAC, with the powers of a High Court, could throw him into jail, the lying Joe Ghartey beats a retreat and comes apologizing to the Committee and some people think that we should applaud the lying Joe Ghartey for his “honesty”?

What is happening to the conscience of some Ghanaians?

Suddenly, we are supposed to start giving pathological liars a standing ovation for apologizing after their lying ways have been made public?

I am sure Ayikoi Otoo is watching from the sidelines and smiling to himself that he left a good name at the Ministry and did not end up soling his name the way Joe Ghartey has soiled his.

Joe Ghartey is a disgraceful liar and nothing can change that fact. And with a useless, thieving and lying animal like Ataa Ayi K4 in charge of the affairs of the state, there is now way Joe Ghartey the liar would be sacked from office for lying.

It's a golden age for lying and so Joe Ghartey has just done what Ataa Ayi K4 expects of him and only God knows the number of dockets that have deliberately not been “seen” by Joe Ghartey and his assigns.

One fine day, the likes of Joe Ghartey would have lots of questions to answer.

Dzuluei ke amaleluei!!!

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