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29.10.2007 Politics

Mike Oquaye Launches

By Daily Guide
Mike Oquaye Launches

ONE OF the presidential aspirants of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Prof. Michael Oquaye, has stated that when he is elected to lead the party and consequently the country, he will make the provision of food, clothing and shelter his primary objective.

Prof. Oquaye noted this at the Christ the King Hall in Sunyani, capital of the Brong Ahafo region, where he launched his presidential campaign.

The programme which was supposed to have started at 9am eventually started at about 12:15pm because the aspirant who was to deliver his message was about three hours late.

In the company of a brass band, his wife and supporters, Prof. Oquaye, who was sure of victory in the December 22 delegates' congress, danced his heart out to a popular gospel tune: “De wo hene”.

When he finally had the floor, Prof. Oquaye made clear his vision for the country, saying he had plans to expand the agricultural sector in order to feed Ghanaians and possibly market the surplus to rest of the world.

He said he would make the Brong Ahafo region the food basket of the country, and added that it was sad that whereas some countries were producing fuel and oil from maize, Ghana used the grain for only local dishes and drinks.

He contended that he would encourage large scale production of maize because it could be used in the production of assorted alcohol, among other things.

The presidential hopeful mentioned that he would form the Grains Marketing Board which would promote the export of maize and other grains, stressing that by this means, maize and other grains could be bought and marketed as is the case with cocoa.

He continued that he had learned especial technologies from India and other Asian countries on water conservation which he said he would employ to make Ghana's irrigation system one of the best in the world.

The technology, when adopted, would engage farmers throughout the year because there would be enough water for farming.

He indicated that he would make the Northern region the centre of quality cotton which would fetch the country millions of dollars, adding that the cotton industry was a very viable one which his government would give adequate support to.

The presidential hopeful went on further that his government would advocate for affordable houses for Ghanaians by establishing brick factories to produce bricks from local clay, and said when this was done, Ghanaians would not have to pay so much for cement which to him is not even the best material for building.

He noted that all governmental buildings (both offices and residential) would be built out of bricks to serve as example to the public, saying he would encourage local poultry farms to produce more eggs and meat to meet the demand of the population.

He promised to make Mathematics the bedrock of his educational policy, and would import the Russian style of teaching Maths.

When he is given the chance to become the president, Prof. Oquaye would encourage grass cultivation so that Ghana could produce jute bags to bag her cocoa.

Describing the NPP as a destiny party, he said the NPP brought true democracy to Ghana, expressing the hope that his Party in Partnership with Government (PPG) concept would appeal to delegates to vote for him on December 22.

Under this policy, government would work hand in hand with party members to move the country forward, because “no party, no government”.

In his view, party faithful must be in the lead as Ghana develops because “charity begins at home”.

From Rocklyn Antonio, Sunyani