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29.10.2007 Politics

Jake gets expatriate support

Jake gets expatriate support

One of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) presidential aspirants Jake Otanka Obetsebi Lamptey is enjoying great support from the expatriate community for his ambition.

Apart from his campaign team, his wife, close associates and journalists who gathered at the Alisa Hotel for the launch of his economic manifesto, the event also attracted a considerable number of 'anyemi', especially from the United States and the Caribbean.

So far they appear to be putting some bite into his media campaign, although they have no casting vote at the NPP congress in December.

Valerie Smith is visiting the country with fifty students from the Caribbean for a tour. She told the dailyEXPRESS after the launch that Mr. Obetsebi Lamptey is the right person to lead the ruling party.

"I don't have a vote but if those with the mandate to vote listen to wisdom and really express their desired candidate based on issues then I think Mr. Lamptey is certainly the right man for the job."

Ms. Smith who looked very much impressed with the delivery of the former Tourism Minister said "he demonstrated that he understands the issues at hand, and could really carry out his vision if given the opportunity."

“Jake demonstrated that he's not only an expert when it comes to the reflexes of tourism exploration but issues that have their inherent roots in economics."

She disclosed that it was her second visit to Ghana in less than four months and described the experience as wonderful. According to her, it was her meeting with Jake Obetsebi Lamptey at a meeting in the United States that convinced her to come to Ghana for the fist time in 2005.

Another expatriate, Johnny Hussein from Barbados told the dailyEXPRESS that Ghanaians have so much to thank Jake Obetsebi Lamptey for, and the only way of doing that would be to endorse his candidature at the congress.

"I don't have a vote but I will be there to cheer him and possibly convince some of his party's delegates to vote for him," he said.

The retired political science lecturer said considering the influential role Mr. Obetsebi Lamptey is said to have played in the two victories of the NPP, his credentials is clear.

Mr. Hussein was however not certain if Mr. Obetsebi Lamptey has enough clout to win the hearts and minds of delegates.

"I have had the privilege of listening to the other candidates and the contest I can tell you would be fought to the core."

A lady expatriate from Barbados who asked for the mike at the end of the question time session said she only has a message for Ghanaians. And it was to make a strong promotional statement in support of the two-time Campaign manager for the NPP.

"Mr. Lamptey was in Barbados and he actually sold Ghana just like President Kufour has been doing."

Mr. Obetsebi Lamptey himself outlined four thematic areas he said would be his area of focus should he become president. These are tourism, information technology, agro processing and transforming the country into a service centre.

He credited the focus and attention he says tourism receives today to the work himself and other colleagues did at the ministry when he was minister.

According to him, more than one hundred thousand jobs can be created by the sector and he possesses the skills to do that.

Mr. Obetsebi Lamptey however said all these pillars fall under the larger economic frame work which he ought to get right before the rest would be realized.

"Without getting the economy right we can't meet the expected target we intend going."

He said his presidency would focus more on job creation, to ensure that the level of unemployment especially among the youth is reduced to an appreciable level.

"If we do not find work for the youth the devil will find work for them," he said.

Mr. Obetsebi Lamptey also affirmed his commitment to fight the corruption canker that is gradually growing in the body politic of the country.