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27.10.2007 Business & Finance

GOIL To Dispense Unleaded Petrol

Ghana Oil Company Limited (GOIL), an oil marketing company, is introducing a highly unleaded petrol product onto the market in response to motorists' demand.

The product, branded G-PLUS, is designed for cars with high compression engines, enabling faster acceleration and maximised performance.

The unleaded petrol is said to contain a high level of octane gasoline which enhances performance.

Octane is a hydrocarbon substance in gasoline that reduces engine knock, a noise caused by premature ignition of fuel in the cylinder combustion chamber. The higher the number of octane, which shows how quickly the fuel burns, the lesser the chance of premature ignition.

A statement from GOIL said the new product would help prevent knocking, also known as detonation, which occurred in engines when part of the fuel-air mixture in one or more of the cylinders ignited spontaneously due to compression without initiation from the spark plugs.

The statement said the product was also environmentally friendly since it prevented premature burns in engines which were harmful to the environment.

According to the Fuels Marketing Manager of GOIL, Mr Charles Darko, G-PLUS the new product had met the most stringent international standards, adding that the unleaded fuel would be available at selected GOIL filling stations.