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21.10.2007 Politics

Do not create political panic- Ambrose Dery


Mr. Ambrose Dery, Minister of State at the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General, has at the weekend cautioned politicians against riding on the back of non-existent civil society organizations to disturb the peace and unity that Ghanaians were enjoying.

He also challenged all those who were criticizing the onward march of the government to provide workable alternatives and constructive criticisms for the development of the country instead of engaging in "blanket allegations based on their own imagination."

Mr. Dery was reacting to critics accusing him of sabotaging development projects when he was the Upper West Regional Minister in an interview with GNA in Accra.

He said such allegations were not only false but well orchestrated by his political opponents to play down on his contributions to the development of the region.

Mr. Dery said "It is unacceptable and unfair for people who have selfish motives rather than the development of the country to hide behind faceless organizations to deceive and confuse the public with unfounded allegations which only end up creating political polarization, hatred and retrogression in the country."

He said a group calling itself "Concerned Youth Fighting for the Marginalization of the North," was trying to create disunity between the people in the northern sector and those in the southern counterparts.

Mr. Dery said the group accused him of sabotaging the initiation of development projects in the region and failing to accept political opponents.

"Much as I agree that there might be disparity in terms of development between the North and South, that cannot be narrowed down from 2002 as the group claimed in their pack of accusations."

Mr. Dery said since the New Patriotic Party took over the reigns of government, the Upper West Region had had its fair share of the national cake.

He also said the region had its fair share of HIPC funds and benefited from the Presidential Special Initiatives on Sorghum, Mango Plantations and other development projects.