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21.10.2007 Author

CPP For Big-Do In 2008 Polls? (2)


Tactical Politics Before God's Miracle

Even though we are in an age when the prince of this world, the Devil (John 14:30) continues to deceive the world with false prophecies gleefully uttered by his own false prophets to the extent that almost every prophecy is nowadays ridiculed as false, the supremacy of God continues to be revealed by the true predictions of his own little ones.

And one political prophecy that still stands supreme and truthful is that which says the CPP will soon be charismatically awakened by a servant of God who will lead it to victories! This is going to happen – believe it or not!

Those who have been reading my articles continually will remember that during the recent funeral of Fathia Nkrumah (wife of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah), I made a reference to a certain revelation given to me in 1965 in which God had become annoyed with President Kwame Nkrumah, and during a sonorous, thunderous speech to him, suddenly cast him down from the sky!

God suddenly raised up someone in Nkrumah's stead. Some of the details of this cannot be made known until the appropriate time.

The clear emphasis here is that the CPP is going to 'massively' wake up from its several years of slumber; and this will come about when God sends his servant into the thick of CPP politics, where he will bring electoral victories, and lead it politically and spiritually into the practical realization of Nkrumah's dream of achieving the union government of Africa and effecting astounding developments all over Africa.

These are some aspects of what was revealed to me years ago and repeated in recent times.

But when exactly this is going to happen, is not yet known to me, but my calculation or guess is that it may not be more that eleven or twelve years hence, when this will occur.

God does things in His own way, and this may happen next year or next five years or thereafter!

Whilst I assure all the CPPists that their great awakening will certainly come about, it must be said emphatically that love and unity and prayers before their executive meetings at the unit, constituency, district, regional and national levels will be needed to expedite God's action.

It must be remembered that before Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah formed the CPP, he went into seven days ordinary fasting and three days dry fasting (making 10 days in all) for God's spiritual infrastructural blessings; hence, even though God punished Dr. Kwame Nkrumah for his spiritual apostasy and mistake of flirting also with juju and occult spirits for their so-called protection of him after the Kulungugu bomb incident, His divine eyes are still on the CPP to effect the accomplishment of their set-goals of Dr. Nkrumah.

When the CPP comes back to power, it will then convincingly realize that the NPP is its real sister with whom she will confer on several issues of national importance; and they both will rule the nation alternately, even though, the CPP will have the privilege of ruling much longer each time.

This may sound ridiculous to the doubting Thomases; but I shan`t be surprised over such disbelief, due to the fact that I was once driven by the Devil's pranks to be a disbelieving atheist, and I made fun of all spiritual things, including prophetic visions which I often denounced as coming from the figment of the imagination.

I began appreciating such spiritual truths when the Lord visionally called me to do His work, in spite of the fact that I was a non church-goer who on Sundays held my church services at the Akpeteshie (local gin) bar and fumigated the Akpeteshie 'church auditorium' with fumes of cigarette smoke! Lord forgave me!

What I know is that whether people disbelieve the prediction about the CPP and NPP or not, it will happen. No two ways about that!

It is in the light of these bright expectations that CPPists are advised to condition themselves with positive thinking that will enable them to cooperate with NPP in their political strategies of winning back some of the CPP Parliamentary seats firmly grabbed by the NDC.

Of course, without the secret support of the NPP, it will be difficult for the CPP to retrieve most of these Parliamentary seats, unless their expected miracle arrives.

Those who are opposed to this arrangement with the NPP are mere political theorists who delight in shouting “we are going to win” and yet win nothing afterall!

From 1992, these “we-are-going-to-win” theorists have won not a single seat for the CPP, whilst the “CPP-NPP cooperation” idealists have won three Parliamentary seats. Is this not a realpolitik ideation to follow?

Why then should some CPPists continue to harp upon this useless and nonsensical theory of “we are going to win by our own efforts” or “we shan`t play second fiddle to any other party” or “we don't need the political help of any other party”?

These are the people who don't know politics in order to do real politics! In other words, such “no-other-party” or “only-our-own-efforts”, theorists are ignorant about Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's analysis of categorial conversion explained in his philosophical book “Consciencism”.

By the tenets of categorial conversion, the CPP and NPP were primarily antagonistic to each other at the early stages when the two parties were formed.

Now this antagonism and hate-relationship has been converted into one of love, cooperation and unity.

And this condition was brought about by the emergence of a third annihilating political force, the PNDC-NDC which sought to subdue the two (NPP and CPP) and to suppress them into an everlasting subservience.

Definitely, the two old-guards, (the NPP-CPP) for the sake of survival and retention of their old-time political influence, had to immediately do away with any petty misunderstandings and differences, and thus unite to overcome their common enemy, the NDC. So In the 2000 elections, the CPP and other Nkrumaists had to support the NPP to overcome the NDC.

Such collaboration between the two old-guards has brought in its trail the continued idea of unity between the two, which responds to Dr. Nkrumah's idea of categorial conversion of uneasy correlation into positive relationship without which the two might fall prey to this new third force, the NDC.

It is therefore unwise for the two to go their own separate ways now, when the inimical third force has not been completely overcome.

Any objective political analyst who has read Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's 'Conciencism' will forever appreciate this fact, and within the context of this categorial conversion theory, consider it as explicitly right for the two old-guards not to separate now, but to join forces to help each other until circumstances decide against it.

Therefore, if the CPP is thinking of making a big do in the upcoming 2008 elections, it will be good and prudent if they secretly strategise with the NPP for more Parliamentary seats first.

It doesn't matter if the NPP presses for a skirt-and-blouse voting pattern in which the NPP agrees to vote for some selected CPP Parliamentarians in certain constituencies, whilst expecting the CPP to vote for the NPP Presidential candidate.

I am warning here that if the CPP fails to reach a consensus with the NPP, not more than five CPP Parliamentarians can be seen in the chamber after the 2008 elections!

Ofcourse, there should be a CPP Presidential candidate to sell that party and its policies to the electorate, in conformity with the theory of “continual political sensitization”. It doesn't mater if the CPP Presidential candidate does not win.

Presently, what is more important is a good number of CPP Parliamentarians, and this should be the overriding concern of the CPPists.

It is to be reemphasized that the Lord is going to send His servant to lead the CPP into the attainment of the African Unity and African Development goals which He inspired Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to set out.

But since the time for His miraculous intervention is not yet known, it will be wise for CPPists to adopt tactical strategies for electoral victories, all in concert with their political sister, the NPP. A word to the wise is enough!