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19.10.2007 General News

Three policemen sacked

By Ghanaian Times
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Constable Emmanuel Ativoe, the policeman who allegedly defiled two teenage sisters at Tamale, has been dismissed from the Service by the Police Administration.

Two other policemen have also been sacked for gross misconduct.

They are, General Corporal Kwesi Pupulampo Lawerh, of the Lawra police station in the Upper East Region and Constable Geoffrey Hoedziku also with the Upper East Regional police.

Briefing the Times in Accra on Thursday, the acting Director of the Police Public Affairs Directorate, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Kwasi Ofori, said the three were tried and found guilty by a Police Service enquiry.

In the case of Ativoe, DSP Ofori said, about two months ago, the Police Admin┬Čistration received a report that he had allegedly defiled two sisters at Tamale and therefore insti┬Čtuted a probe into the matter.

The two siblings were aged 13 and 14 and were primary school pupils.

He was alleged to have been sending the two girls on errands to buy food for him, through which he defiled the two girls.

The girls subsequently became pregnant but the pregnancies were allegedly terminated.

In the case of Larweh, DSP Ofori said, he allegedly issued somebody with a death threat and also engaged in other forms of misconduct contrary to Service Regulations.

He said, according to records, Larweh who had been in the Service for 24 years, had a total of seven disciplinary charges against him.

Hoedziku drove a police vehicle without permit and in the process, damaged the vehicle beyond repairs.

DSP Ofori reaffirmed the Police Administration's determination to carry out sanctions against any personnel of officer who engaged in any act that was contrary to the rules and regulations of the Service.

He has therefore asked the public to provide information on any personnel who misconducts himself to any police office or to the Police Headquarters in Accra.