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17.10.2007 Religion

Chief Imam’s Advice

By Daily Guide
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THE National Chief Imam's attack on indecent dressing among the youth of the country must attract the attention of all well-meaning people and they must accept it as a challenge and make efforts to stamp it out before it gets out of hand.

Indeed, indecent dressing by the youth at social functions and even funerals, portray the country to visitors and tourists as though there is no standard code of dressing in the country.

The seductive manner in which girls appear in the streets and on vehicles make decent-minded people silently ask themselves if parents saw their children before they stepped out of their homes.

They expose their underwear and at times their waist beads whenever they bend down. This kind of dressing is codenamed “I am aware”. Whatever they intend to portray is better known to themselves.

The least said about the dressing of the boys, the better. They intentionally pull their trousers or knickers below the waistline to the extent of almost dropping off or exposing their buttocks.

It is coincidental that the Chief Imam used the parade at the Independent Square to launch the attack on indecent dressing of the youth.

The occasion was appropriate because having just come out of fasting, they would be prepared to listen to advice from their leaders and abide by them.

Without doubt, the youth of today would be leaders of tomorrow. Any bad behaviour they put up today would become part of them when they grow up to take responsible positions in the society.

It would therefore be in their own interest for those societal lapses to be drawn to their attention for them to take steps to walk out of them before it becomes too late.

The offensive dressing of some youth might appear to them as part of the usual youthful exuberance. Until someone like the Chief Imam draws their attention to the bad way of dressing, they might not know.

The Muslims have started the fight in a big way. It is now for the Christians and all other religious bodies to join hands with the Muslims and fight a relentless war against the bad practice.

The greatest aspiration of a responsible parent is to ensure that his children continue with the good works he started on earth before he dies.

DAILY GUIDE congratulates the Chief Imam on his fatherly advice and urges the youth to heed it.

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