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13.10.2007 General News

Muslims asked to shun violence


Major Sheikh Seidu Adam, Chief Imam of the Ghana Armed Forces, on Saturday called on Muslims and Ghanaians to reject, denounce and refuse recourse to violence since "it wounds the very image of Islam and our nation".

"Let us appreciate the value of peace and work together to build a culture of peace and solidarity in which everybody can firmly engage in the construction of an increasingly fraternal society.''

"It is up to us all to be educators of peace, human rights, of freedom which respects each person", he said at the celebration of the Eid-ul-Fitr, the end of the month-long Ramadan fast, at the Al-Aziz Central Mosque at Burma Camp in Accra.

Among those present were Dr Mohammed Ibn Chambas, President of the ECOWAS Commission, diplomats and senior serving and retired military officers.

Maj. Adam said the nation needed disciplined citizens, God conscious people, hard work, honesty, loyalty, dedicated, patriotic and healthy work force for accelerated development.

"Hence, you should appreciate these values which are the goals of the Ramadan fast and eschew vices such as drunkenness, drug addiction, promiscuous behaviour, robbery, all of which have eaten deep into our social fabric", he said.

The Chief Imam called on Muslim youths to prepare themselves for the challenges that confronted Islam and the nation and to improve on their potentials to become responsible adults and productive citizens.

"You are also required to obtain adequate skills that will place you at a high advantage or expose you to greater opportunities", he told the youth.

Maj. Adam appealed to the elderly to leave a legacy that would form the foundation for development in future by preparing the youth for future leadership roles and to also provide opportunities for enhanced development.

"We must pass on the knowledge and rich experiences we have acquired over the years in all spheres of life to inspire a high sense of responsibility among the youth."

Maj. Adam urged Muslim politicians to consider politics as a means to render service to the people, offer themselves as servants to the nation and to play politics of harmony, cooperation, sacrifice and selflessness.

He said be they in opposition or ruling parties, both parties should see themselves as "two sides of the coin" that needed each other to survive and to "propel the nation's development".

The Imam called on personnel of the armed forces and other security services to remain focused on their primary role for the growth of the country's young democracy.

The Defence Minister, Mr Albert Kan-Dapaah, said religion played an important role in moulding the character and attitudes of people, particularly in the military where discipline and obedience were important.

He appealed to Muslims to allow the renewal of their faith and commitment to reflect positively in the discharge of their duties for the nation to enjoy sustained peace and stability.

Lt. Gen J.B. Danquah, Chief of the Defence Staff, said it was essential that Muslims applied the lessons learnt from the Ramadan to give practical demonstration of the virtues of effective devotion, honest dedication and closeness to Allah, in their family life styles and civic responsibilities, as well as in their professional careers.

The congregation prayed for the unity, peace, progress and prosperity of the nation.

Source: GNA