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13.10.2007 General News

Revelations From Kuffour's Cupboard.

By palaver

On being elected President, Mr. J. A.Kufour espoused a mantra of zero tolerance for corruption. Seven years into his reign President Kufour's NPP Government practices 100% tolerance for corruption. The corruption in President Kufour's NPP Government is so pervasive that the low and high in the NPP compet to outdo each other in corruption.

President Kufour and his ministers are even resorting to insider trading and divulging privileged information to their children, siblings ,friends and relatives in their earnest desire to enrich themselves.
The President leads the Pack in this venture of using ones position to enrich not only himself but his children siblings and relatives.

According to Giselle Yajzi President Kufour got his 41 year old accountant son who until Mr. J.A. Kufour become President was as poor as a church mouse to acquire Mr.Saoud's hotel

Around that time President Kufour was the ECOWAS Chairman and he used insider information and got his son to apply for loan from the ECOWAS fund to part finance the hotel. The president further leaned on a state bank the National Investment Bank to also lend over $4million to his son for the same project.

Additionally the President ordered almost all state institutions which under the NDC government had been directed to bank with only the Bank of Ghana to move all their funds to J.S Addo's Prudential Bank.As kickback for his favour Prudential Bank acted aslead bank syndicating loans to finance President Kufour's son 's hotel now popularly known as 'Hotel waa waa or Hotel Kufour. Prudential Bank also lent3million dollars to the hotel project.

Still using his official position to amass wealth for himself and his children, President Kufour has twisted the arms of British Airways who have now moved their cabin crew from Labadi Beach Hotel to lodge at Hotel Kufour. We understand that Hotel Kufour will be the official residence of CAN 2008 officials who would be in Ghana for the African Football fiesta in January 2008.

Ghana Cocoa Board imports about 15 million pieces of jute sacks yearly for the storage of cocoa beans purchased from cocoa farmers. Under the NDC government this jute sack business now worth over $15 million was always put on tender. Under President Kufour's government inspite of the promulgation of the Procurement Law this contract is awarded to one of the children of the president. A substantial portion of the Ghana @ 50 paraphernalia supply contract was awarded to another Presidential daughter.

The NPP government decides that vacant government plots in Accra and old government bungalows situated on large tracts of land should be sold under a house for the rich housing scheme to NPP officials, supporters,financiers etc.

To enable the buyers of these pieces of land access funds for the construction of their houses, a son of the President's brother who is also a Presidential aspirant is made to set up a company known as Ghana Home Loans Co Ltd to provide loans to beneficiaries of these state lands at Cantoments, Ridge, Roman Ridge, Airport Residential Area etc,

The allocation of these state lands which were placed under the watch of Justice A.R Aboagye has led to a situation where there are virtually no parks or green areas in Accra.

Justice Aboagye's Lands Commission has even sold government buildings in which medical officers who have sacrificed everything and stayed in Ghana when most of their colleague doctors left Ghana for greener pastures to Chinese, Lebanese, Syrians and some NPP bigmen.

The NPP government decides to purchase vehicles for ministers, government and party officials and Presto a company is formed by 'he is my brother and so what' Eric Agyemang a nephew of the Chief of Staff Mr. Kwadwo Mpiani. This company which was formed only a couple of years ago gets the contracts to supply over 50Rovers Saloon cars and some Jaguar cars which are distributed to NPP ministers and officials. The Ghana @50 secreteriat of which Mr. Mpiani is the chairman also ordered more Rovers and Jaguars from the same company. A hitherto non-existent car selling company with no track record over night is awarded contracts worth over 100 billion cedis all in the name of the family.

Kwamena Ananias Bartels is also neck deep as far as insider trading is concerned especially when he has turned himself into a coach and has been coaching his daughter and son –in-law on how to be richer by 4billion cedis.

Under President Kufour's NPP government for your business to prosper you must either be a wife, child,sibling, relative or relations of the president or some of his powerful ministers.
Stay tuned for more revelations.