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12.10.2007 General News

Ghana Post workers threaten strike

By Gilbert Boyefio

Workers of the Ghana Post headquarters Wednesday demonstrated against management's decision to selectively implement a proposed salary structure which was recommended by a consultant engaged for that purpose last year.

The workers have threatened to embark on an industrial action if their demands are not met.

Aspect Caiquo Consultancy was contracted to review the salary structure of the Ghana Post Company Limited last year. But according to the workers, GP's management claimed that the Consultant's proposals were too steep for the company's accounts and therefore requested a new salary structure.

The workers, who were led by the Regional Coordinating Committee of the Union, held that despite management's stand on the issue, they maintained and paid to themselves the proposed salary by the Consultant for last year but denied the workers same.

"Those of us doing the hard work are suffering, whiles only few enjoy. If management is claiming that there is no money to implement the proposed salary structure, how come they are able to pay themselves the proposed salary," queried Emmanuel Addo, the Secretary to the Local Union.

Reacting to the workers' allegations, Emmanuel Kofi Dua-Adonteng, Managing Director, said the salary structure is an ongoing project. He said the Consultant has not finished with its work and explained that it is part of a transitional period the company is going through.

He admitted that the company owed "a lot of people" but refused to disclose the exact figure.

He also believes the workers are not giving of their best.

Mr Dua-Adonteng assured staff that there are happier days ahead since modern society provides opportunities for the postal industry.