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31 July 2007 | General News

Robbers invade Gbawe

Robbers invade Gbawe

Six suspected armed robbers yesterday attacked two homes at Gbawe Sonitra in the Ga West District, shot one victim in the rib and caused another to flee and abandon his wife.

After a massive destruction of property, the robbers left behind three empty shells, a machete, torch and a pair of sandals when a detachment of policemen moved in in response to calls for help.
The man on whom the robbers inflicted the bullet wound was identified as Mr Peter Togoline, an engineer, who was shot in the rib after he had slashed the hand of one of the robbers with a machete.

Police sources confirmed that it was the second armed robbery attack, in as many weeks on Mr Togoline, who was robbed of GH c 4,500 (45 million cedis) in a similar fashion on the 16th of this month.

Another victim, a private security man who ,as on his way home, was mistaken for one on a rescue mission. He was tied up, beaten mercilessly and a stone put in his mouth and tied up to prevent him from screaming.

His two puppies which were in a box, a pair of boots and a bicycle had all been abandoned in the bush when the Daily Graphic got to the scene.

He has since been taken to an unknown hospital.

Sadly, neither the police nor the residents noticed the presence of the security man because he had been dumped in a bush.

The robbers were alleged to have entered the room of the first victim of the robbery, Sister Love, soaked some gari to eat, took in some Opeimu Bitters and brutally assaulted her. '

Her husband, 'who was said to be around but could not bear the agony of the beatings, allegedly escaped through the window to seek protection elsewhere.

Residents said they suspected that the robbers might have encountered the security man on their way to the residence of a pastor and subjected him to severe torture and tied him up under a tree.

They said when the robbers got to the residence of the pastor, they fired into the house, after they had failed to break the gate.

The robbers then switched camp to Mr Togoline's residence, where they first shot through his windows, with the bullet piercing through his television set.

Mr Togoline said that the robbers then collected cement blocks to forcibly break into his room and demanded GH c 1,500 (15 million cedis)

He said prior to that, he had slashed the hand of one of the robbers who wanted to open the door to his bedroom.

He said they vandalized his property, shot him in the rib and escaped into the bush when the police arrived on the scene.

The attempt on the pastor's house failed because it was heavily fortified with modern security gadgets.

The Odorkor District Police Commander, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP). Ernest Maayeb, confirmed that the District Crime Officer, Assistant Superintendent of Police Felix Anyidoho, was part of the police team that had responded to the distress call.

He confirmed that Mr Togoline had reported another robbery incident on July 17, 2007 and indicated the determination of the police to get to the bottom of the case.

DSP Maayeb advised residents in new settlements to form neighbourhood watch committees to support the police in the protection of life and property.

Source: Daily Graphic


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