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28 June 2007 | Letters

Give Us More Education On Re-Denomination Of Cedi

Dear Editor, The re-denomination of the cedi is something that will help us as a nation in many ways, as rightly said by the Bank of Ghana (BoG).

However, I have a problem (and I am sure a number of people also have that same problem) regarding the introduction of the new currency.

I am disturbed because the new currency does not have a place for ¢5.00, ¢2.00 and ¢1.00.

My main concern is to find out what will happen to items that have ¢5.00 in their prizes? For instance, an item which costs ¢75.00? How much will it sell for in the new currency?

I think the Bank of Ghana has a lot more to do in terms of education, otherwise some traders will take undue advantage to cheat their customers.

Nelson Agamah,
Star Secondary School,

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