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14.06.2007 General News

Changing Waste To Wealth

It is significant that the Juaben Oil Mills has been able to use waste from the mills to generate electric power to feed its mills and the community.

Managing waste has been a major problem in many places around the globe and that is why any effort to make effective use of it should be commended. Converting waste to wealth is, therefore, a piece of welcome news.

What is more, inadequate energy supply has been a major problem for many countries, especially developing ones.

Education, especially in science and research, has invaluable contributions to make to the community and it becomes meaningful when it helps to improve the quality of people in society.

What the company has done is to put the theory from books into practice.

It is true that the government should facilitate the operations of the private sector so that the operators in the sector could perform and then pay the necessary taxes.

However, if there are moves which they can make to ease their operations, why not. Nobody would reject the complementary roles that operatorsin the private sector would like to play.

It is on that account that we see the effort of the Juaben Oil Mills as a shining example for others to follow.

Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention and it is important that all brains with meaningful contributions to make are encouraged to do so. There is the need to brainstorm over some issues which affect the country critically. From all indications, it is one of the surest ways to quicken the pace of the country's development.

Many countries in South East Asia which are making it now decided to use what they have in their respective countries before blending them with Western technology.

Indeed, we have many areas dotted around the country which have waste such as saw dust which could be used to generate power, of course, after a thorough analysis.

Sometimes we need to borrow ideas from elsewhere and see whether we could have a local way of applying those ideas or technology.

Happily, there is a move to use the waste produced in the Kumasi metropolis to generate power, which is a good sign which might be replicated elsewhere.

Undeniably, our metropolitan areas are confronted with waste management problems and so if the garbage could be put to good use, it is very welcome.

What the Juaben Oil Mills has done is a challenge to investors who may like to venture into electric power production.

Well done, Juaben Oil Mills.