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14.06.2007 General News

Fake lawyer in police custody


A twenty-nine year-old Nigerian, Dan Kefe, is in the grips of the Police Criminal Investigations Department (CID) for allegedly posing as the lawyer of five suspected fraudsters who were in police custody.

Additionally, he attempted to dupe Colleen Lynam, an American, who had been defrauded by the five suspects he sought to represent.

Superintendent of Police Dennis Abade said Kefe who was in detention at the CID headquarters, heard from the five, who were also in the cells, that they were being detained because they were alleged to have defrauded the American lady under the pretext of influencing police to free her fiancé who was in police custody.

Mr. Abade said through his conversation with the five, Kefe got the e-mail address of the American lady.

When he was later granted bail, Kefe, without the knowledge and consent of the five suspects, allegedly got in touch with the American and introduced himself as a lawyer who had been briefed about the plight of her fiancé and the five others.

He allegedly demanded ¢25 million to pursue the case, but the American, on suspicion, alerted the police who instructed her to go ahead and pay the money into a specific bank.

Mr. Abade said Kefe was arrested when he went to cash the amount.

He allegedly confessed to the crime when he was interrogated.

Last week, the CID arrested the five suspects who posed as international private investigators hired by Lynam to pursue a case in Ghana following the arrest of her fiancé who was being held by the police.

They are Mustapha Sumaila, 63; Matthew Ohoy, 49; Sekyi Patrick, 23; Moshud Mohammed, 18 and Lucky Ibu, 16.

Source: The Ghanaian Times