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14.06.2007 General News

Protect State Property

By Daily Graphic
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Dear Editor, It is rather unfortunate that we all take good care of things that belongs to us as individuals but fail to do the same with things that belong to the state.

What we forget to realise is that it is our own money that will be used to repair any damage caused to state property.

These days some youths resort to lawless acts instead of using dialogue to resolve problems. It is sad to say that some students when punished by their teachers try to destroy school property in retaliation.

Some final-year students have made it a point to steal or destroy school property before leaving the school.

I would, therefore, like to appeal to all Ghanaians, particularly the youth, to realise that what belongs to the state also belongs to us. We must all learn to take proper care of them.

Rosemary Otumfuor,

Sat Royal JSS,