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14.06.2007 Commentary

How Do The Blind Read?

Can you imagine never being able to see anything? The blind, however, have to deal with this handicap every day.

In 1793, a calligrapher by the name of Naletin Havy designed a simple italic character which was embossed. This system was introduced in the institute of the blind which he had founded.

T M Lucas took up Havy's idea of the embossed print and created an alphabet using phonetic symbols. These symbols were written on a slightly raised platform. He used this method, in 1837, to transcribe the New Testament. But the actual credit goes to Louis Braille.

He developed a reading system which used dots to represent letters. In 1829, Braille published the dot system and based it on a system of six dots. he devised alphabets, punctuation marks, numerals and even notation of music.

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