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13.06.2007 General News

Chief security capo threatened with death

By Gye Nyame Concord

The Gye Nyame Concord has reported on Wednesday that a group of assassins have threatened to murder the National Security Minister, Mr. Francis Poku.

“Our information is that the 'assassins' wrote the Minister a letter and threatened to execute him should he continue to thwart their numerous efforts to have their way in this country,” the paper writes.
The Gye Nyame Concord however, said details of reasons outlined in the said letter by the unknown group were not disclosed.

The report said close aides of the security capo, who spoke to the Concord's, confirmed that as a result of the death threat, Francis Poku who used to go about his duties without security personnel now moves with a security convoy lest his 'enemies' take his life.

The paper quotes close aides to the National Security Minister as saying that it was difficult to identify those behind the threat, however, they hinted serious cracks within the national security apparatus with Francis Poku having a firm grasp of the essential spots of the machinery with others, envious of his position, squatting on the fringes.

The paper said it also learnt that those working against Poku were a group of people within the government who were not comfortable with Mr. Poku's supervision of the security of the country.

Their argument is said to be based on their belief that when they were in the trenches under the Rawlings' regime fighting in the name of democracy, Francis Poku and co. had run into exile enjoying life.

This sharp crack, the aides disclosed, is presently creating serious security problems in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government and has the potency to "bring the government down," they cautioned.

The national security apparatus is therefore undermining itself to the detriment of the safety of the good people of this country, they contended.

“When asked whether they suspect former President Rawlings' outfit to be behind the death threat, especially considering certain things he (Jerry) is reported to have said about the National Security Minister at his party's Family Meeting held on April 3, this year, at the Coco Beach Hotel, Nungua in Accra, they could not confirm or deny, saying that Mr Poku has his feet firmly on the ground.”

The paper said at the Coco Beach Hotel meeting, former President Rawlings is said to have told his party members that “the National Security Minister was responsible for the lukewarm attitude on the part of NDC MPs who have been paid by the National Security Minister to slow down on the NPP.”

“The former President pledged at that meeting to soon shock Mr. Francis Poku, whom he accused of having compromised the NDC MPs, compelling them to show an uneasy lack of commitment to get the ruling Kufuor-led NPP out of executive office,” said the paper.

It continued that Rawlings, without mincing words and without spelling out his thoughts in detail, said elements within the Ghana Armed Forces were soon embark on an operation that Francis Poku would not be able to thwart.

“Mr Rawlings is reported to have described Francis Poku as a cunning man who sees himself as smart, noting that one of these days 'we would see who is smarter.'”

The paper said unconfirmed reports indicate that as part of several security measures to beef-up his personal and national defence, the National Security Minister has embarked on a major reshuffle of his security detail with some of them getting the sack.

“Our sources said two of the personnel who were said to be leaking classified information both about the Security Minister and that of the nation to 'enemies' were recently detained for some days and later discharged.

Source: Gye Nyame Concord