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12.06.2007 General News

Radio Gold’s KOD tells of his close shave with death

By myjoyonline

Kofi Okyere Darko, (KOD), a music presenter on Accra-based Radio Gold, has told of how he narrowly escaped death at the weekend as a gun-totting youngster pinned him to the floor and fired 'warning shots'.

He told Joy FM that his assailant, Halim Banda, who is a son of shipping and aviation magnate Alhaji Asuma Banda fired warning shots at the Office night club, where he KOD had been invited by a friend, Kiki Banson, to sample a new song set for release, and then pointed the gun at his head.

Halim, according to KOD, had moments before the incident attacked the duo, (Kiki and KOD) for no apparent reason, but was prevailed upon by people around to stop the attack.

KOD said however, when after a while they decided to leave the night club, the armed Halim, who was sitting at the entrance of the bar apparently waiting for them, attacked Kiki and when he (KOD) attempted to intervene, Halim hit him and as he fell onto the floor, he held him tight by the throat and pointed the pistol to his head, amid screams he would shoot him.

Again, it was people around who prevailed upon Halim to 'hold his fire'.

KOD told Joy FM he could hardly make Halim out in any identification parade except for his light skin and insisted he had not met him before or had any problem with him previously.

He said as a result of the strangling he suffered, he now has difficulty swallowing.

Businessman Kiki Banson on the other hand said he had had problems with Halim previously and that one of the cases was pending before the courts.

He alleged that Halim was involved in a similar incident some four months ago at another night club - Cinderella's.

Crime scene technicians and investigators dispatched to the Office night club to investigate the shooting incident in the early hours of Sunday are said to have retrieved an empty shell.

KOD who made an initial complaint to the police said he will press charges.

But there has been no comment from Halim as attempts to reach him for his version of the story have so far been unsuccessful.