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12.06.2007 General News

Government appointees caught in scam


The Ghanaian Observer newspaper has reported that seven years after the Shai Hills Safari Project was nurtured by a Ghanaian investor in the tourism industry, a gang of five greedy government appointees (names withheld), have grown envious of it.

The GO reported that the government appointees have embarked upon a flagrant rape on the community in which the project is to be located.

What the appointees have done, according to GO investigations, is establish a scam project intended at jettisoning and raping the investor, the traditional authorities, and inhabitants living in the various communities in the Shai Hills and, by extension, the nation as a whole.

The parallel project, dubbed the Sun City, is being floated by the gang, including faceless appointees from one Ministry and a department under it. What they have done is launch a website in the name of Falcon Crest Investments Limited, with the view probably of influencing officials of the Lands Commission to get them secure for them documents to the lands where the multi-million dollar project will be sited.

The scam website, according to Lands Commission sources, has the company advertising lands they have not yet acquired, GO's enquiries revealed last Friday.

The scam advert calls for investors in lands to develop schools, clinics, recreational centres, restaurants, hotels, swimming pools among others in the prized vicinity where the project is expected to take off. One such advert appeared in a recent edition of The Daily Graphic.

The company, already engaged in servicing parcels of the land in the Shai Hills, hopes to litigate their way through with the dollar component received from unsuspecting investors, according to our Lands Commission source who confirmed the attempt by the group to do some skirmishes at the Commission.

Unfortunately, that Lands Commission official turned out to be an indigene of one of the Shai Hills communities. The group is also unaware of the fact that he is privy to the programme of a group of Ga Dangme activists sharpening knives and machetes at Ablekuma and Teshie for a 'one man one machete' hit and run battle against agents of the Sun City project.

A check with one aggrieved source at the Ministry of Wildlife had hinted to GO of a $3m bribe demanded by the government appointees who had floated the company from the local investor.

The Shai Hills Safari Project is the first of its kind in West Africa and has the potential of raking in several millions of dollars annually in tourism alone to the benefit of the national economy and the indigenes.

The project will involve the construction of a 200-room hotel, swimming pools, dams for wildlife, restaurants, recreation facilities, and a golf pitch among others.

Source: Ghanaian Observer