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09.06.2007 General News

MOFA to assists Kwaebibirem farmers to increase output


The Kwaebibirem Directorate of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture is to assist farmers this year to increase present yields of maize, rice, cassava, cocoyam and plantain by six per cent.

The District Director of Agriculture Mr Edward Kofi Ametepe explained that this would be achieve through farmer education, adoption of improved technologies, use of improve planting materials and reduction of post harvest losses.

He said the District would also promote the processing of farm produce into secondary and tertiary products, the formation of farmer-based organizations and encourage improved post harvest and diseases management.

Briefing the Kwaebibirem District Assembly at Kade, the District Director said livestock and small ruminant breeding would be improved by moving from extensive husbandry to semi intensive approach through farmer education, introduction of improved Billy goats, improved housing for the animals, supplementary feeding and regular health care.

Mr Amatepe said production of many staple crops in the District except maize suffered reduction in output between 2003 and 2006.

He said maize production increased from 11,210 metric tons in 2003 to 15,620 metric tons in 2006, while rice production reduced from 4,000 metric tons in 2003 to 3,341 metric tons in 2006.

Mr Ametepe said production of plantain in 2003 dropped from 57,267 metric tons to 38,251 metric tons in 2006.

Source: GNA