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08.06.2007 General News

National Monument For Victims Of Anti- Constitution Coups

Majority of members of the Platform of the former members of the AFRC are exploring the possibility of building a national monument in a Constitution Square to honour victims of anti-constitution coups of February 24, 1966, January 1972 and December 1981.

Accordingly, the platform has set up an exploratory committee to advise it on how to go about the project. This was contained in a media release issued by the Platform in Accra, to commemorate the 28th anniversary of the June 4th uprising, which took place in 1979.

The release said the committee had been tasked, among other things, to study and advise on the best way to mobilise support and funding for the monument project.

It is also to advise on how to liaise and negotiate with the government for assistance in implementing the project.

The committee has three months to report to the platform.

The release named the principal victims of anti-constitution coups in Ghana as Dr Kwame Nkrumah in 1966, Dr Kofi Busia in 1972 and Dr Hilla Limann in 1981.

It recalled that when the platform of the former members of AFRC appeared before the National Reconciliation Commission in 2003, it recommended to the Commission to advise the government to build such a monument in an area to be designated as Constitution Square.

It claimed the NRC accepted their recommendation in principle but advised the government to implement it in a manner that members of the platform did not find acceptable.

β€œThe list of categories of the victims to be on the monument as recommended by the NRC was so restrictive and inappropriate that it would in the end defeat its purpose of honouring only the deserving victims of anti-constitution coups and their regimes in Ghana, β€œ the release noted.