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08.06.2007 General News

Amissah's Courageuos Spirit

It is encouraging that a young boy, Jacob Amissah, who has lost both legs from an accident at Sofokrom near Takoradi, has indicated his readiness to pursue his education to become a bank manager.

Through no fault of his, a Metro Mass bus ran over him, leading to his becoming an amputee.

We appreciate the courage and the positive mental attitude that Amissah has, after going through the ordeal and pain that he had to endure.

Surely, as a football fan and player, he will miss playing the game he loves so much but he knows that all is not lost, that it is not the end of the world for him. He will not be withdrawn and we anticipate that he will still enjoy watching others play his pet game.

After recuperation, he will go back to the classroom, study hard and pursue subjects which will make him achieve his goal of becoming a bank manager.

Certainly, though young, he is convinced that he can lead a full life even without the use of his two legs. Amissah's determination to achieve his lifetime goal must be supported by family members, close relatives and public-spirited individuals.

He will need encouragement and support. When he is able to make it, he will help others to emulate his example.

But there are lessons to be learnt from Amissah's courage and positive attitude.

Many are those who have been incapacitated through various circumstances and who have resigned themselves to their fate.

We acknowledge that there are many physically-challenged persons who have resolved not to allow their handicap to subdue their determination to lead complete lives.

There are those who are making chalk; others are farming, instead of flocking the streets to beg for alms. That is the spirit, the desire to make it, irrespective of impediments.

Certainly Amissah is not a precocious boy but he has the capacity to accept his unfortunate circumstance and make do with the situation to even achieve greater heights on the social ladder. What determination!

Besides physically-challenged people, there are many in our society who think that when one falls then that is one's end.

Determination to make it should be part of us, as individuals. Great men did not allow initial setbacks to dampen their courage to move ahead. Dr J. B. Danquah, the doyen of Ghanaian politics, was one such person who is believed to have sat for one examination several times. In the end, he succeeded.

If we allow positive attitudes, such as the one demonstrated by Young Amissah, to spur us on in every endeavour, especially when there are setbacks, we will be able to resolve those teething problems and move on.

Bravo, Amissah!