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08.06.2007 CPP News

CPP calls for an educational revolution

CPP calls for an educational revolution

The Convention People's Party (CPP) has called for an educational revolution instead of the new education reform.

The CPP said there was the need for a paradigm shift in focus of education and not reforms of education from previous and the present governments.

The new paradigm shift should address issues of development namely increased income, structure transformation of the entire economy, the capacity to meet basic needs of the majority, general increase in productive capacity and drastic reduction in external dependence.

Speaking at an economic forum dubbed "Ghana's Independence: a reality or Myth" Dr Gamel Nasser Adams said that there was the need for a deliberate cultivation of counter-consciousness in education to the present neo-colonial one.

"Education should be imbued with alternative and more progressive paradigm values and aspirations that reflect the yearnings of the masses for genuine independence and liberation", he said.

Dr Adams said the government's philosophy about the new education reform was the formation of well balanced individuals with the requisite knowledge skills, values, aptitudes and attitudes to become functional and productive citizens.

He said workers of the country should aspire to greater economic ambitions and also to be trained to become enterprising and adaptable to the demand of the fast changing modern science and technology.

Dr Adams said, "Education will help remove most difficulty that stand in the way of national development by supplying the most important of the sinews that are required for success, namely knowledge and educated, disciplined manpower.

Source: GNA