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07.06.2007 General News

Energy Minister must resign – Minority


The Minority in Parliament is calling on the Minister of Energy, Mr Joseph Adda to resign because he is “the most confused person in the country.”

The war of words ensued when Mr Adda went to Parliament to brief MPs on the current energy situation in the country.

The Minority led by the MP for Ave Avenor, Mr Doe-Adjaho said the energy minister has been inconsistent in his explanations on plans being taken to resolve the energy crisis.

Mr Adda did not take kindly to Mr Doe-Adjaho's comments and retorted that it was such behaviour that resulted in Mr Doe Adjaho's disagreement with a policeman, which resulted in the MP biting the policemen's ear.

Mr. Doe-Adjaho replied that it was Mr Adda's lack of focus which had landed the country in the crisis up until now.

He said: "Mr Speaker, considering what he has said and listening to him I suggest that the Minister must resign."

This raised a lot of concern from the floor with the majority calling on Mr Doe-Adjaho to withdraw the statement and apologise to the Minister. He however, refused, arguing that it was true that Mr Adda was not being straight forward with Parliament or the country as a whole.

Mr Doe-Adjaho maintained that there was nothing wrong with his statement. He argued that if it is the word 'confusion' that they disagree with, "I do not know if they would be alright with 'incompetence.'

He later withdrew the word 'most'.

Mr Doe-Adjaho called the Speaker's attention to Mr Adda's claim that he had bitten a policeman's ear and asked him to withdraw the statement since he cannot substantiate it.

Mr Adda was adamant, claiming that he had read the story in the newspapers during one of the election campaigns in Mr Doe-Adjaho's constituency. This infuriated Mr Doe-Adjaho who said he would use Parliamentary rules to put the Minister, who is also an MP for Navrongo Central to order.

Upon the intervention of the Speaker and Mr Felix Owusu-Adjapong, the Majority Leader, Mr Adda apologised for the comment.

Mr. Doe Adjaho later noted that after Parliament approved the financial statement of 2007 for the country on energy funding, Mr Adda never returned to seek its mandate on how to fund extra needs that had arisen for the sector, describing the attitude as disrespect to the House.

"It is most surprising that so much time has passed but the Minister did not find it worthy to show up and explain things to the House, besides, each time he has smoothing new and different thing to say," he added.

Earlier, the Deputy Minority Leader put on record his side's objection to Mr Adda's statement, which he said, bordered on a motion that was due to come to the floor of the House tomorrow, Friday June 8, 2007.

"Mr Speaker I wish to crave your indulgence that this statement be deferred since we have a motion on it slated for tomorrow and due to their closeness, I plead that we skip this statement for tomorrow's motion which is also on the same subject."

The Speaker however, allowed the statement to be made.

Mr Adda in his statement said government was on top of the energy crisis and had taken several measures to put the energy crisis to rest within the next four months.

Source: GNA