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07.06.2007 General News

The Exam Questions

By Accra Daily Mail

A. R. Harruna Attah

As far back as 1954, Richard Wright had more or less written off the founding fathers of Ghana's liberal democratic tradition as not being politicians - or is it being not politicians. He never doubted their intellectual might or sincerity in their quest for independence for the Gold Coast or integrity in their personal affairs. For some reason, his assessment was that they could not be effective politicians.

That they misread Nkrumah and possibly loathed and distrusted his methods, meant that he could "outwit" them and he did, but the politics they stood for, has also stood the test of time and today, the ruling party in Ghana proudly holds aloft its Danquah/Busia credentials. Danquah was incarcerated by Nkrumah and died in prison and Busia was overthrown by Acheampong and died in exile.

The tradition remained in exile for several years after the brief 2nd Republic outing. It was beginning to look like this tradition was not capable of winning elections. Indeed so deep-seated was this fear that a "Great Alliance" was even cobbled up to fight an election! In the 79, 92 and 96 (Great Alliance) elections, a jinx, it seemed had come to stay

But something happened

The jinx was reversed in 2000.

The NPP won the elections.

And that was not all.

4 years later, it won again.

And now another election is waiting

To be won or

That would depend on the politics currently being played.

Any politicians at home?