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07.06.2007 General News

NADMO will apply force if...


The Greater Accra Regional Coordinator of NADMO, Mr. Ben Brown, has said the organisation in connection with the Accra Metropolitan Assembly would be compelled to eject residents of flood-prone areas, if they remained recalcitrant to calls to re-locate.

Speaking to the GNA, Mr Brown said NADMO would no longer take the issue lightly because the effect of more rains in such areas would be disastrous.

He said officers from NADMO had started distributing relief items worth ¢3.5 billion to victims affected by the downpour last Saturday.

Mr. Brown said the items, which included rice, cooking oil, blankets, mats, buckets, basins, plates, cups and clothes, were given to landlords or their representatives to distribute to victims they knew.

Several homes in the western part of Accra witnessed massive floods resulting in loss of property. At least five people were reported dead.

The affected areas included Gbawe, Mallam, Anyaa, Weija, Santa Maria and Kwashie-bu.

A Rapid Response Rescue Team comprising Police, Navy, Military, and Fire Service and NADMO officers had been equipped to rescue victims in case of further flooding.

Police patrol teams are also expected to ply flooding areas in order to provide information to the rescue team and avoid pilfering until the raining season is over.

Source: GNA