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07.06.2007 General News

Stop distorting Ghana’s history – MP

By myjoyonline

The Member of Parliament for Evalue-Gwira in the Western region, Mr Kojo Armah, has expressed concern about what he said is a deliberate attempt by some historians to reconstruct Ghana's history for malicious purposes.

Speaking to Joy News, Mr Armah said since the 1966 coup certain historical facts are being doctored into text books that aim at tainting the image of Dr Kwame Nkrumah, the first President of Ghana.

He said statements making rounds that the British government left a colossal amount of 200 – 800 million pounds before leaving has no basis. He said he has searched through portions of encyclopaedia Africana and other sources and concludes that the amount mentioned is incorrect.

“There are no facts to support that and people keep saying it,” he said.

These falsehoods, he said, are being taught to young and unsuspecting school children at the various levels of education in the country.

Mr Armah said: “We should all try to present the historical facts as they were…There are some instances even now where some facts are being distorted and written in history books. But because they appear to be current no body seem to be worried.”