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06.06.2007 CPP News

Give new faces chance in the CPP – Buckman

By The Enquirer

A Leading member of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP), Nana William Buckman has called on the old faces of the party to give new ones a new chance to lead the party to enable it to win power in the coming general elections.

He said all the leaders of the various Nkrumah party, such as the CPP, Peoples National Convention, and GCPP have all had their chances of leading their parties in past elections but never made any mark, and therefore must allow people who have the power, vision and political will to take over the mantle of leadership of the party.

Nana Buckman who was the parliamentary candidate of the CPP for Mfantsiman West Constituency in the 2000 general elections, made the call at a forum of party activist in the constituency last week to discus the future of the party.

He lamented that the CPP had fro some years now been splited into four parties making it difficult for them to win power; a situation he said was caused by acrimony and internal power struggle.

He noted that based on the developments in the party, those who have genuine love for the party are not happy and as such are now sitting on the fence as passive members, and for that matter are no more prepared to help support the party both financially and logistically to make it stand on its feet.

He named Dr Edward Mahama of the PNC, Dr Edmund Delle of the CPP, and Mr Dan Lartey have become stumbling block for the CPP to win elections and therefore urged them to humbly give others the chance, so as to enable them to bring Nkrumaist parties together to fight for a common force.

Nana Buckman noted that if they were able to come together as one united party with new breed of leaders in place, the foot soldiers would be prepared to go to the grass roots to work assiduously for the return of the party in to power in the next general elections.

He said that because of the split of the party, coupled with the problem they are associated with leadership, there are a good number of CPP loyalist who are confused as to where to belong, and so float their votes whenever there is an election, saying that this had attracted some of the members to reluctantly join other parties that have no CPP oriented ideology.

“I am highly against the formation of a new party. That will not solve the problem. The major problem is that none of the three leaders who are all aspiring as presidential candidates for the various parties will ever win the elections.

So as I am appealing to them for the love for the party and its founder, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, to all sit down so as to create new avenues for new leadership to come to help our party to win the elections”, he noted.

He also appealed to the constituency members of the party to burry all differences and be mire united and mobilize resources to support the party through various means so that they can be proactive in ensuring victory in subsequent elections.

He pledge his readiness to support the party financially, especially at the constituency level in order to champion the cause of anybody elected to contest the Mfantsiman constituency Parliamentary seat in the 2008 general elections.

Mr Buckman urged members of the party and who are all of good will to wholeheartedly help in diverse ways so as to make the party reclaim its lost image.

Thomas Brew (aka Seaman) Organiser for the constituency, reiterated the call for the members in the constituency to sacrifice for he party so they can move to all the villages in the constituency to talk to that people to understand what the party is all about, and especially as the party prepares to congress to elect its leadership.