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05.06.2007 General News

Human factor caused flood – Meteo

By myjoyonline

The Meteorological Services Department has said the amount of rain recorded over the weekend was too minimal to cause havoc but human factor led to the flood.

Speaking to Joy News, the Chief Meteorological Officer, Reverend Steve Nyakotey Kwaw said the amount of rain that fell was not unusual and not the cause of Saturday's rain.

“It is normal and below average. It is below the amount that can cause the havoc that we saw. It is very clear that these things are being brought about as a result of human factor because Ada reported 105.0 millimetres but there wasn't any report of any severe damage,” he noted.

Rev. Kwaw was concerned over the construction of buildings on waterways which has given rise to flooding in recent times.

He said residents in flood-prone areas have obstructed river courses by building directly on water ways.

According to him, flooding in such areas will continue unless the structures are broken down.

Over the weekend Accra recorded 66.6 millimetres of rain leading many to believe that it was the cause of considerable flooding in some parts of the capital.