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05.06.2007 General News

Ban on drumming ends Wednesday


The Ga Mantse, King Tackie Tawiah III, has received the blessings of the Ga Traditional Council to beat the “Odadao Drums” on Wednesday to formally lift this year's ban on drumming in the Ga State.

The beating of the “Odadao Drums” symbolizes the formal lifting of the ban on drumming imposed by the Ga State and ushers in activities to mark the annual Homowo festival.

A statement issued by Ms Dorothy Adams, Acting Registrar of the Ga Traditional Council, said the Council unanimously agreed and authorized that King Tawiah III should this year, perform the ceremony to convey good wishes to all citizens of the Ga State.

Speaking to the GNA, King Tawiah III explained that traditionally the Gbese Mantse was supposed to deputize for him in the performance of this important duty on a Thursday.

“The Gbese Mantse performs this duty yearly by going to the Ga Mantse with drinks to beg for the official sticks to be used in beating the drums,” he said.

King Tawiah III said due to problems within the Gbese Family at the moment, the Council by a resolution had decided that the Ga Mantse himself should perform the ceremony on Wednesday in accordance with custom.

He said the Nai Wulomo, the Chief Priest of the Ga State, would pour libation and pray for God's blessings and prosperity for all and sundry in the ensuing year.

King Tawiah III would beat the drum three times, each time to be accompanied by a particular dance performance.

The venue for the ceremony would be Amugi Naa, Mojawe at James Town.

Source: GNA