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05.06.2007 General News

Establish disaster fund - Assemblies urged


Over 3,000 people were displaced in more that 500 disasters both natural and man-made affecting all categories of persons and ages in the Hohoe district 1998.

The disasters included rainstorm, windstorm, bush and domestic fires, communal violence, landslide, army-worn invasion of farms and refugee influx.

Ben Asimenu, Hohoe District Coordinator of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), made the disclosure at a meeting of the Hohoe District Assembly at Hohoe in the Volta Region.

Advocating for the establishment of a disaster fund, he said the collaboration NADMO should have with the Assembly to adequately prevent, mitigate and supply relief items to the victims had not been met.

He said many houses and School buildings affected by wind and rainstorms at Likpe-Bala, Likpe-Mate and Wli, Liati-Wote, Ve-Wudome, Leklebi and Ve-Golokwati, Ve-Dafor, Have, Alavanyo, Hohoe, Fodome and Wli within the period had not been rehabilitated.

Mr Asimenu said domestic and bush fires affected many communities including Tsatoe, Have-Ando, Adzekofe, Hoglikofe, Tafi-Atome, Fodome, Gbi-Abansi, Kpeme and Hohoe-Gboxome.

He said the most recent fire disaster at Hohoe-Gboxome displaced 30 people who were still staying with friends and relations, adding that they had not received any relief assistance from NADMO or the Assembly due to lack of financial resources.

"As if to add more salt to injury, a directive for the allocation of a five percent disaster and contingency funds from the District Assemblies Common Fund towards the mitigation, prevention and supply of relief has been arbitrarily abused", he stated.

Mr Asimenu appealed to metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies to establish disaster funds, adding that, "even if we manage man-made disasters, natural ones would still demand resources for its mitigation and relief".

Source: GNA