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04.06.2007 General News

Careless soldier cripples woman

By Gye Nyame Concord

The Gye Nyame Concord says the fate of a mother of three hangs precariously in hospital due to a reckless and indisciplined soldier for his disregard for road traffic regulation.

The woman, Madam Lucy Bosso, 32, was the victim of a head-on collision that occurred on the 14th of April, 2007 around 4pm in front of the flagstaff house.

She was sitting in the front passenger seat when Corporal Nubi Baadah drove a Tata bus with registration number 33 GA 85 into the front view of a commercial mini van with registration number GR 9402 X.

The victim, who had left Aflao that day to purchase goods, was quickly rushed to the 37 Military Hospital with fatal injuries including a completely shattered right broken leg and a broken arm.

According to doctors treating her, the leg could not heal unless it was amputated whiles the woman's critical condition continues to hamper the operation making her still lying in bed at the hospital immobile.

Surprisingly, Cpl Baadah with identification serial number 188736 has abandoned the woman to her fate since the accident occurred.

He never followed the victim to the hospital after the accident and has also failed to pay a visit to his victim to even ascertain her condition, not to talk about bearing part or all of the cost of Ms Bosso's treatment, which is currently running into almost 10 million cedis.

According to a brother of the victim, Holy Bosso, he has borne the cost of all the medical bills of his senior sister to date since the husband and other family members lack the means to take care of her.

He said they have reported the case to the Cantonments Police Station but this has been to no avail, bemoaning that "and now the doctors at the hospital are suggesting that my sister's leg be cut but since I don't have the money, they are delaying while my sister suffers".

Mr Bosso said although he received some donations from some individuals it is not enough to take care of his sister and therefore pleaded with philanthropists to help him bring his sister out of pains.

He disclosed that his sister was the bread winner of her family due to the fact that her husband is unemployed for some years now, stressing that Ms Bosso's present condition is having serious consequences on the family as the children and their father been disposed of the breadwinner.

Mr Bosso said he is very much surprised at the behaviour of the Corporal because he expected soldiers to be more disciplined than the character that Cpl Baadah has displayed.

Meanwhile, Cpl Baadah is no where to be found whiles the Cantonment Police will also not comment on the issue.

Source: Gye Nyame Concord