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30.05.2007 General News

Bizarre death, Quick burial


Certain things happen in the slum parts of our cities, away from the eyes of the Police and with the people lacking the much-needed culture of reporting criminal-looking developments to the security agencies, they just wither away never to be tackled.
A fortnight ago, two blackmarket operatives at Tudu engaged in a brawl at which eventually ended in the death of one of them.

The dead man was quickly buried with no post-mortem to establish whether the dead met his fate as a result from the blow inflicted by Dan Gurma, his opponent.

The suspect has survived arrest because no member of the deceased's family has gone to report the incident to the nearby Accra Central Police Station, a stone-away from Tudu.

His wife, Dela is mourning her dear breadwinner at Kasoa where they lived together.

Her husband, Sulley had bade her good-bye as he left for Tudu where he and other Nigerian nationals engage in the blackmarket dealing in foreign currencies.

She did not know that it was the last time that she was going to see him.

Word reached her painfully that he was dead.

Her husband had once picked a quarrel with Dan Gurma, the suspect over the Iraqi war. Both of them have developed interest in that part of the Middle East.

The argument they engaged in sometime ago resulted in the two persons keeping away from each other.

However on that fateful day, to the surprise of Dan Gurma, the man with whom he had not spoken to for a long time, appeared with a hand stretched for a greeting.

Dan Gurma declined to reciprocate initially but finally did because the deceased reminded him about the Islamic injunction that Muslims should not reject felicitations from their colleagues.

When Dan Gurma turned to go however, Sulley the deceased was said to have gone after him. When he caught up with him, he allegedly got hold of his dress and the two got entangled in a brawl.

Dan Gurma was said to have used his hand, a fatal blow it was. Sulley fell shortly after that blow when he was rushed to the Ridge Hospital nearby.

Characteristic of Islamic society, the family of the deceased sought to have their beloved buried instead of subjecting his corpse to a post-mortem examination to isolate a deliberate intention to kill or otherwise.

He was buried with all the possible evidence gone with his corpse.

As if nothing had happened, Dan Gurma was said to have joined his colleagues to continue with business as usual the next day.

But his colleagues drove him away because even though they had decided not to press a charge against him, they could not allow him in their midst as though nothing had happened.