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29.05.2007 General News


By Amina Tahiru

It is very sad indeed to have a new Mega Mall opened
with so much fanfare to be met with rancour and
disappointment from residents of Spintex. I live in a
suburb off Spintex Road and when the mall was being
constructed, residents of Spintex bemoaned and chatted
the Ghanaian way on the side effects it will have on
our traffic. But as characteristically associated with
how we deal with social issues, NOTHING was done
beyond our usual banter. We prayed and wished the
traffic issue away but it did not disappear and now we
are faced with unprecedented traffic never before
experienced on the Spintex Road.

What really irritates me is the fact that the newly
employed traffic regulators of the Mall discriminately
wave their red flag to stop the regular users of the
Spintex Road to wait for the shoppers to pass before
we are given permission to continue our journey home.
The most annoying part is their unapologetic attitude.

I must confess, as a resident of this part of Accra, I
am part of the blame, if we had galvanized as
residents and users of Spintex road prior to the
construction of the Mall to lobby AMA to ensure that
the access road is pushed on the Tema motorway, all
this would not have happened. Do not get me wrong, the
Mall is a great idea; it has already employed a few
Ghanaians who can now earn a living wage, so it is
indeed a good economic boost. But the planning
committee could have taken into consideration way
before the opening, that the already congested Spintex
Road will not be a good exit/entry road for the Mall.

Now that the Mall is in operation with enthused
shoppers' busy going in to patronize GAME, the brand
new mega store, we will appeal to AMA to come to the
drawing table with the proprietors of the Mall to find
an amicable solution to this nightmare.

If there is any lesson to be learned here, I have
learned that it pays to be proactive, we should as
citizens of this nation stop the complacency. In our
effort to bring investment and development, our rights
as a people should not be short changed and we should
react promptly when the situation arise instead of
waiting till the very end when it is glaringly obvious
that we do have a problem.

I will also use this medium to ask the AMA to engage
in a firm but resolute discussion with the proprietors
of the Mall to respect the original agreement of not
having their exit/entry onto the Spintex Road. The
residents of Spintex are hopeful the AMA will not
relent in their effort to resolve this traffic