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28.05.2007 Regional News

Elders of Chinto deny Chief is a robber


The Elders of Chinto near Nsawam in the Akwapim South District have denied that the Chief of the community, Nana Kofi Mankattah, 45 years old, is in league with armed robbers as reported in a national daily.

Speaking on behalf of the elders to newsmen at Papase, the Stool Secretary, Mr Samuel Addo, explained that there had been a land dispute between the people of Chinto and one Kwashie Obgabo Nertey and his children from Papase who claim ownership of a parcel of land near the boundary of the two communities.

He said the Chief of Chinto and his elders leased a portion of the land to a contractor to win sand, which he said Kwashie Nertey and children claimed belonged to them.

According to the Stool Secretary, realizing encroachment on the land belonging to the Chiefs and people of Chinto, Nana Mankattah, sent a team of about 12 youth for inspection without any incident.

Mr Addo stated that information they had was that there had been a group at Papase in a dispute with the Kwashie Nertey family adding that, when some people attacked and damaged their houses with reports of theft of their property they reported to the Amasaman Police that Nana Mankatteah had sent the culprits leading to his arrest and appearance the next day before a court, which granted him bail to report to the Police every Monday.

According to the Stool Secretary the Chief appeared before the court on two occasions but when as directed he reported to the Police on Monday, 14th of May this year, Nana Mankattah was detained that he was wanted by the Accra Central Police.

He said when he was sent to Accra that day he was charged that an arrested armed robber had alleged that he supplied him weapon for his operation.

The chief was detained for 48 hours and arraigned in court.

Mr Addo said a warrant obtained to detain him further at the Ministries Police station, adding that, no charges were preferred against the Chief and his plea was not taken.

The Stool Secretary said that even though the Chief had given his weapon to the Chinto Safohene Yaw Bredu with a group to inspect lands under the stool, he had never supplied arms to a robber as alleged, adding that, in a search of the Chief's house the Police took away Nana Mankattah's two weapons, which had been duly registered with the documents on them.

The national newspaper on Saturday 19th May 2007, reported a story headed "Chief grabbed. He supplied weapons to robbers" that the Chief had been arraigned in court for abetment of crime, conspiracy and robbery, adding that collectively they hatched a plan to undertake robbery.