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27.05.2007 General News

New solar lights in Ghana


A new brand of solar energy conservation lights have been introduced onto the Ghanaian market.

The lights were brought in by the Light Up the World Foundation, a Canadian based Non-Governmental Organization.

The White Light Emitting Diodes (WLEDs) provide a bright light ideal for domestic lighting which could last up to 100,000 hours.

Speaking at a ceremony to launch the new brand in Accra, Kim Veness, Chief Executive Officer of the NGO, said his foundation was dedicated to providing renewable energy and using innovative lighting technologies to meet the needs of developing countries.

Mr Veness said available statistics indicated that over two billion people worldwide do not have access to safe, effective and affordable lighting that were essential to education and daily lives.

He said WLED lighting reduces air pollution in the homes, enhances safety and improves health conditions adding, "By replacing kerosene lamps with our modern lighting technology, we hope to reduce approximately 130 kilogram of carbon dioxide emission per household".

Mr Veness said his foundation was in the process of identifying poor communities in the country to enable them benefit from the new product and that other organizations could purchase the product by installments.

Mr. Wisdom Togobo, Director of Renewable Energy Unit at the Ministry of Energy said the introduction of the solar brand was in line with government's policy of providing affordable lighting to Ghanaians.

He called on the foundation to initiate moves, which could involve the use of local technology in the manufacture of the brand to help minimize cost.

Source: GNA