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24.05.2007 General News

Prof Proposes Integrated Leadership For Ghana


Professor John Adair, a worldwide renowned leadership guru, last Tuesday proposed that Ghana's success in development over the next 50 years would depend on an integrated leadership approach, which actively involves leaders in all spheres of society at all levels of the national development planning process.

"Why can't Ghana for once bring together all the political, religious, traditional, civil society, corporate, industrial, labour and other leaders to put together the national development agenda for the next 50 years" he asked.

Prof Adair was speaking in the first of a two-day leadership seminar organised by the British Council as part of the Council's series of Management Express forums intended to engender modern management and leadership styles at all levels in Ghana.

British Council organises these forums to keep leaders in the countries they operate in to update them with modern leadership styles. It is part of the council's 4.5 million pounds sterling leadership development programme for the next few years.

The theme for the seminar was: "Not Bosses but Leaders: The Challenge of Leadership Today.” Prof Adair noted that in Ghana and in most African countries, there seemed to be a barrier between political leadership and all other forms of leadership in society, which was an impediment to national development.

"There is a need to break that barrier and involve all leaders in the country in planning for national development. That is way it would make all other leaders in the country more effective in their roles in the national development process," he said

Prof Adair called on the United Nations and the World Bank to champion the process to break that leadership barrier in Africa by getting African political leaders to embrace the leadership revolution going on in the world.