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24.05.2007 General News

ECG Advocates Conservation Of Electricity


The Eastern Regional Director of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Mr K. A. Kyeremeh, has advised Ghanaians to cultivate the culture of conserving energy.

He said there had been much wastage in the use of electricity and that had compounded the energy crises.

Addressing a public forum at Akwatia, Mr Kyeremeh said if electricity had been judiciously used, the problem would not have been as serious as it was now.

He asked if it was not wasteful to switch on a television set and a radio set or sound system at the same time.

The Regional Director also wondered why someone could have these gadgets on, plus perhaps a fan on whilst he left the house or sat outside.

Mr Kyeremeh explained the load shedding had become necessary to save the Akosombo dam from collapse so that the little available could be shared.

He said the ECG derived its revenue from the power it sold to consumers and the current situation was having effect on its finances. Answering a questioner as to whether there had been a change in the schedule of the load-shedding exercise, from a 12-hour to a 15-hour period, he said that was due to "generation challenges."

Mr Kyeremeh debunked rumours circulating in Akwatia that the area suffered additional hours of blackout so that saw millers at Akyem Oda could benefit.

The Regional ECG Engineer, Dr Kwabena Adoma, called for vigilance against theft of electric cables that was costing the company a great deal to replace.

The Akwatiahene, Osabarima Kofi Boateng III, called for co-operation from electricity consumers to conserve energy since it would be in the interest of individuals and the nation to do so.