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23.05.2007 Letter

Intensify Education On Re-Denomination

Dear Editor, I understand the re-denomination exercise which begins from July will reduce the inconvenience and the high risks associated with carrying large volumes of money for business transactions.

I understand it will also make bookkeeping easier and promote the usage of coins.

However, fraudsters could take advantage of the exercise to dupe unsuspecting people if care is not taken.

I, therefore, want to appeal to the National Commission For Civic Education (NCCE) to undertake vigorous educational campaigns to alert the citizens of the activities of these fraudsters who will be parading the communities on the pretext of assisting them to change their currency.

This calls for intensive campaigns in rural communities on the exercise since they do not get access to the media through which such educational campaigns are carried out as compared to those in the cities.

When the education is done properly, the exercise will serve the intended purpose.

Frank Amoako,

Kumasi High School,


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