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23.05.2007 General News

NPP has failed Ghana – Dan Lartey

By myjoyonline

The flag bearer of the Great Consolidated Popular Party, Mr. Dan Lartey has said the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government has failed because it was unable to manage the natural resources to run the country.

Speaking in an interview with the ADM, Mr Lartey said all the NPP knows is to depend on donor support from around the world to run the country. “How can the government” he quipped, “use tips to run the country?”

He said that the country's budget is about 70% percent donor dependent. “If we are going to sit down for some people to bring us money before we develop our country then God helps us,” he stated.

Mr Lartey said there are no jobs in the country and the youth are suffering because the government has not been able to use the money in the country to create jobs for them.

He said the President's Special Initiative (PSI) programme has failed and the Millennium Challenge Account is not being put to proper use.

On the energy crisis, he said energy is the soul of a nation and he did not see the reason why the government allowed the country to be plunged in darkness. He said: “It is the sole responsibility of the government in power to make sure energy becomes its first priority.”

Mr Lartey said the government can generate more electricity from the Volta Lake and can also develop the Tano, Pra and Ankobra rivers to generate electricity. The Volta Lake provides about 1, 180 megawatt and the government can add another 1200megawatt, that way, he explained.

He said the NPP would make way for the GCPP to put the country on alert to make sure things go the right way. They have failed, he said, “because they did not plan well.”

He said the main aim and objective of GCPP is to make sure the party wins the 2008 election and get the mandate of the people to correct the wrongs in the society. “All that is going on does not seem to be in favor of the society”.

He said in 2008 the people of Ghana will see that power has been given to Dan Lartey because all that he can see is that people are asking for domestication and are asking for Dan Lartey to come and put it in place.

He said if GCPP comes into power they will increase the wages of workers and find jobs for the unemployed.

He disclosed that the GCPP has gone through primaries and going to hold a conference on June 30 2007 to elect the regional offices and the parliamentary candidates.

Credit: ADM